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Grease nipple: types, application, operating principle

Press lubricator - quite an important product,which is actively used in the production of equipment, special machines and cars. Its main purpose is to feed the oil and prevent friction at the joint nodes without parsing the structure. More information about the above product read on.

Press nipple - what is it?

press lubricator
The above product is a certainthe part that is part of the pump design. Also, a grease fitting is a supplement to bearings, which are characterized by the use of grease or a special oil.

In its configuration, the above partis a non-return valve. It is installed on the lubrication channel of the pump. This valve can also be mounted in the bearing cover. With the help of a grease fitting, lubricating oil is supplied to the friction units, which are located in rather inaccessible places. To disassemble the design for this is no longer required.

The above product consists of the following parts:

  • spring;
  • the body;
  • steel ball.

The latter serves as a valve. It locks the channel or passes grease. Specialists note that the above product also protects the lubrication channels of the equipment from clogging.

Types of the above products

Domestic manufacturers offer on the market similar items of the following types of products:

  • The grease nipple press (the angle of inclination between the threaded and filling ends is 45 and 90 degrees);
  • threaded straight product;
  • The grease nipple is straight and straight for pressing.

Press angular nipple
European manufacturers have a certainanother classification of these products. They also produce three types (A, B, C). In addition, the corner nipple press is divided into two separate types: "B" - the angle of inclination between the threaded and filling ends is 45 degrees, and "C" - this figure is 90 degrees.

The screwed part of the above product has a tapered thread. This is done to seal the threaded joint.

Specialists note that the above products may differ in the diameter of the screwed part.

Some manufacturers apply to press lubricatorsspecial anti-corrosion coating: zinc or cadmium. It should be noted that the above products are made of the following materials: brass, stainless steel or ordinary steel.

Tovotnitsy - what is it?

Press nipples, which are designed to feed the thickest grease, bear the above name. By using a syringe with a special tip, the lubricant is injected into the stalk.

The head of the latter can have a different diameter: 22, 16 or 10 mm. Accordingly, the tip for the oiled syringe is selected according to the above dimensions.

Tovotnitsy are made of stainless steel or brass. Then, to ensure reliable anti-corrosion properties, a special zinc coating is applied to it.

Principle of operation of the above product

syringe for grease nipples
When refueling, use a special syringe. For the grease fitting, the lever or rod type is more suitable. Under pressure of lubrication, the ball of the above product removes the spring. The result is the opening of the lubrication channel, into which lubricants must be passed.

It should be noted that syringes from somemanufacturers are equipped with a convenient catch of the plunger handle. The latter is designed to refill the syringe by hand. A special powder-coated wear-resistant coating is applied to the syringe body.

After filling, the spring is straightened, and the ball returns to its original position. About 20 000 cycles is the minimum resource of the above product.

The lubricating nipple is an important part that is widely used in the machine building and automotive industries.