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Day of machine-building: meaning, history, celebration

To date, there is a large numberholidays, which one way or another are celebrated at various enterprises, factories, firms and so on. Today we will talk about such a holiday as the Day of Engineering. But before we consider this celebration in detail, let's see what the industry is and why it is needed.

day of engineering

Engine of economy

Machinery is the basis of the wholeindustry of any country, its material and economic resource. With this branch of industry the vital activity of all mankind is connected, as every day each of us encounters, for example, with public or personal transport, watching television or getting food from the refrigerator. This industry includes the products on which industry is based. These are machines, equipment for the production of goods, products that provide the country's defense capability, for example, aircraft, satellites, ships and so on. Mechanical engineering is the basic branch of the country's economy, the most important industry, the heart of the industry. Therefore, we can safely say that there is no such sphere where machine-building products are not used.

feast day of engineering

Importance of engineering

The day of machine building today is a special date. This industry is very important for a person. It is interesting that it has existed for more than two hundred years. Among all industries throughout the world, it is at the first place in terms of the cost of manufactured products, as well as the number of employees. In terms of the level of development of engineering industry, the extent to which the country as a whole is developed is judged.

Before considering the dateit should be noted that this industry allows producing a wide variety of consumer goods, beginning with machines and equipment and ending with instruments and tools having production purpose. It makes it possible to produce also various products that have cultural and household value, provides technology to all branches of the economy. This technique is used not only in transport, but also in agriculture, in everyday life, in industry. Before we consider how the Day of Machine Building is celebrated, it must be said that this branch of industry is a catalyst for scientific and technological progress, on the basis of which all the national economy and troops are equipped with new, more sophisticated equipment and weapons. It follows from this that the main task of the machine-building industry is to make labor easier, to increase its productivity by filling all the spheres of the national economy with the main funds having a high technical level.

Mechanical Engineering Day

Types of mechanical engineering

Depending on which one is producedproducts, engineering is usually divided into energy, electronic, agricultural, transport, manufacturing equipment for various industries (instrumentation), machine tools. Thus, scientific and technological progress materializes through all products of engineering.

day of mechanical engineering in Russia

Day of Engineering

The date for his celebration was not chosen by chance. Takes its history from Soviet times. The day of machine-building was established by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR "On Festive and Memorable Days" on October 1, 1980, as well as in the edition of the USSR Supreme Council on the Introduction of Amendments to Soviet Legislation on Festive and Memorable Days, November 1, 1988. This professional holiday is celebrated annually by machine builders of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan on the last Sunday of September.

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As celebrated holiday

It is considered to be: who drives a car, he falls in love with him for life. Transport accompanies a person always, it can be personal, public or agricultural. All its variety exists thanks to machines, mechanisms and conveyor. The Day of Machine Building is a solemn day for all engineers and workers in this branch of the economy. Special events, feasts, concerts, performances, competitions, congratulations to workers and veterans of labor, awards to well-deserved professionals are organized on a holiday at enterprises and factories. This special holiday is swept away widely and solemnly. Greetings cards and posters are created. And the right to celebrate this day are fitters, engineers, designers, turners and other specialists.

Day of Machine Building in Russia

As the Day of Machine Building is celebrated inthe last Sunday in September, last year (2015) the holiday fell on the twenty-seventh. This year it will be celebrated on the twenty-fifth of September. In the first autumn month is quite warm, so the mood for this festive day for the workers of the machine-building industry will certainly be good. At factories and enterprises, various events dedicated to this holiday can take place. Congratulate employees come not only employees, but also close, native people.

A few words at the end ...

Workers of all spheres of machine building in theira professional holiday accept gifts and congratulations. If you have friends or relatives whose profession is related to this industry, do not forget to congratulate them on the holiday, which falls this year on the twenty-fifth of September, and wish them iron logic, iron character, iron nerves and iron health.