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Hat with fur pom-pom for girls and girls

Despite the fact that clothes and hats for children are significantly different from adults, children's fashion also has a place to be.

hat i fur pom-pom for girl
So, for example, in this season a fashionable trend is a hat with fur pom-pom for a girl. It is not only a stylish accessory, but also a warm garment that can warm in the most severe frosts.

How to choose the right hat

When choosing a headdress for a child,remember that your ears should always be closed. The fact is that the immune system of babies is not fully formed, and the slightest breeze can lead to severe inflammation of the ears. In order to prevent this, choose such models of hats that have ties (for the smallest), or special elongated "ears" that will reliably protect the child from the wind.

A hat with fur pom-pom for a girl can be either knitted or sewn from

white cap with fur pompon
plashevki.When choosing a headdress, be guided by your child. Since thermoregulation in children is different, then the models for each are different. Someone needs a warm boned hat on the fur, and someone in the knitted hat feels quite comfortable. Most importantly, the child does not freeze, but excessive excess insulation will not do. If you bought too warm a little ear for your child, then the baby's head will sweat, and this, as well as hypothermia, threatens with colds.

For adults and children

Many people think that a hat with a fur pom-pon - forgirls, and adults do not fit such models. This is a huge mistake! For example, a white hat with a fur pompon will look smart not only on the schoolgirl, but also on her mother, perfectly matching with a down jacket or a jacket of any color. This is a universal headwear, which can be worn not only with sports jackets and coats, but even with sheepskin coats. This will give the image a bit of mischief and coquetry.

A hat with a large fur pompon looks funny and on toddlers who

hat with a large fur pompon
slowly sway from one foot to the other.How else to make children's outfits interesting and unique? After all, many mothers are trying to buy winter kits for children with a stock - to have enough for a couple of seasons. This monotony bothers both the baby and his parents. Buy a few bright and beautiful sets for one winter is very expensive, but you can buy a few fun accessories, and the outfit will cease to be boring. For example, a hat with a fur pompon for a girl will be a perfect addition to the winter image of a child, and you can change them even every year.

Fashion Trends

So it turns out that this season knitted hatswith a natural fur pom-pom have become a favorite head-dress for all ages - from small to large. They can be seen on toddlers sitting in a stroller, on pre-school children riding from a hill, on schoolgirls hurrying home. Well, of course, especially love such girls and women. Despite such a great popularity of this model of the headdress, it is unlikely you will find the same hats: it's all about the variety of patterns, matings and texture of hats, sizes of pompoms, fur from which they are made. Such warm and beautiful hats will not lose their popularity for a long time.