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Roofing - a fabric for upholstery of furniture and not only

The fashion for naturalness and naturalness in the interior develops all over the world. In this regard, has become in demand ecologicallysafe cloth matting. Initially, a rough non-smooth cloth used for upholstery furniture. But talented designers have found her another use. Bedspreads, curtains, clothes, bags and other accessories - any product made of matting looks stylish and harmonious.

Rogotka - what kind of fabric is it?

The mat is lightCotton or linen fabric, which as a result of a special weave of threads creates a unique pattern. At first glance, it seems that weaving such a fabric is easy, because this fabric is rough and unattractive. However, when creating the matting, a double or even a triple pair of threads is used, as well as a complex fabrication technology. And only after that, on a fairly dense canvas, a pattern resembling a chessboard appears.

matting cloth
Externally the matting looks rough, has a non-smoothsurface. But at the same time using threads of different texture and size makes the canvas natural and natural. Many associate the mat with the dyed burlap. But this seemingly unattractive fabric is the best solution for creating an interior in an ecological style.

Where is it used? Roofing - fabric for furniture

The name of the mat was obtained by the bog grass of the cattail, from which the cloth was weaved, and then used for sewing outerwear and rugs. Now the scope of its application has slightly expanded.

Rough matting, made from naturalcotton fibers, is considered a furniture fabric. In the last few years the furniture makers have been trying to work only with such a canvas. Now upholstery matting - a fabric not only from a clap or a flax. When weaving, add acrylic or polyester fibers. This increases the service life of the product and facilitates the care of it.

furniture fabric matting
Stylish and practical curtains are obtained, iftheir sewing was used matting. The fabric when added to it acrylic and polyester becomes particularly strong. Proper care for her will extend the life of such curtains.

How to care for matting

Care of the upholstery from this fabric does not require special skills. Furniture fabric matting has the following qualities:

  • it is well cleaned by a vacuum cleaner, stains from it are easily removed with a soft sponge soaked in a soap solution, and then dried with a napkin;
  • if it's covers - then they can be washed by hand at a temperature of no higher than 40 degrees without spinning;
  • does not allow the use of aggressive detergents, bleaches and stain removers;
  • Do not crumple and, accordingly, not ironed.

Feedback from specialists and consumers

When choosing furniture, buyers are guided beforeall on the exterior, and only after that on practicality. Basically, this applies to the fabric that is used for upholstery. A pleasant natural texture, rich color palette, harmonious and stylish combination with natural and artificial leather make such a canvas as matting especially attractive for the customers. This cloth is inexpensive, it is easy to clean, and the covers from it are perfectly washed in warm water without wringing.

matting cloth reviews
Knitwear - cloth, reviews about which are foundexceptionally positive - yet has the only drawback. But this applies only to families with pets. Furniture made of matting often becomes an object for sharpening nails. Coarse fibers are pulled out of the fabric, and the fabric loses its attractive texture. Furniture has to be broken again. Therefore, pet owners are advised to choose another fabric as an upholstery.

Designers like rogovku for versatility. This fabric is surprisingly well combined with many styles in the interior: from country to minimalism.