/ International holidays. International holidays in 2014-2015

International holidays. International holidays in 2014-2015

What are international holidays?These are events that differ in global significance. It's no wonder, because all of our planet celebrates them, regardless of nationality, citizenship or religious beliefs. So where do they come from? What dates do they relate to?

Most holidays are a result of the work of UNESCO and the UN

There are a lot of such events for today.Many of them appeared, by the way, absolutely recently, thanks to the initiative of the United Nations and UNESCO. Although some international holidays have arisen so long ago that even historians can not understand where these traditions came from. For those around them, these events are so common that they simply celebrate them from year to year, without thinking about anything.

international holidays

The uniqueness of such holidays is that,that every person has the opportunity to become one of the participants in the international movement "by touching the world civilization". In a word, these events unite all countries of the world into one whole, promote mutual understanding and friendship of peoples.

How many different holidays ...

People of every possible nationality annuallycelebrate a wide variety of events. Sometimes international holidays are simply amazing with their originality. For example, what is only the World Day of Quitting? Even more fun is International toilet day!

You can mark such events in different ways. The main thing is not to forget about the creative!

International holidays open the coming year

So, the very first event!The New Year is celebrated, of course, by the whole world! In general, international holidays in January are very common. These include the Day of the customs officer, and the Day of embraces, and the "thank you" day. However, the New Year is the most popular holiday, long-awaited and beloved.

international holidays in January

The custom of meeting this day was born in the thirdmillennium AD in Mesopotamia. People celebrated this event, accompanied by a variety of processions, masquerades and carnivals. On this day, it was impossible to work or to decide the courts.

Slowly the tradition of the New Yearbecame more and more large-scale. For this idea, after the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, the Jews initially grabbed, after them - the Greeks and, after all, the peoples of Western Europe.

After the introduction of the new Julian calendar by JuliusCaesar first day of January began to be considered the first in the new year. From there, the tradition also started to hold large events. This event is considered the most favorable and solemn in the year.

Holidays pleases everyone, including lovers!

The day of lovers has been known for more than sixteen centuries. Although other holidays of Love people have known since the days of paganism.

international holidays in February

For example, in mid-February, the ancient Romans had previously hosted a festival of eroticism, and in Russia the day of lovers was celebrated in early summer. The patrons of it were Peter and Fevronia.

The day of all lovers is February 14th.On this holiday, people who love each other sign "valentines" and give their "half" gifts. Well, those who want to be confident in the eternity of their relationship, it is worth thinking about the wedding, played exactly on this day. Nevertheless, the modern Valentine's Day has its patron! International holidays in February include in their list the Valentine's Day - a Christian priest who married the legionnaires together with their ladies hearts in spite of the emperor's decrees many years ago.

There are, of course, other international holidays in February, but St. Valentine's Day is the most famous. It is a fact.

Women's Holidays

Well, what about the events dedicated to the fair sex? International holidays in March include one of those on their list. This is March 8!

international holidays in March

The initiator of this holiday is ClaraZetkin, organized a march of protest because of low earnings and poor working conditions in 1857. True, they remembered about this date only 50 years later, raising a rally in defense of women's rights. However, in 1914 this holiday was celebrated on March 8 in Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany.

The official status of the International Women's Daydate acquired after the coming to power of the Bolsheviks. True, this event disgraced Soviet people from various religious holidays. Including the Orthodox Women's Day, celebrated after Easter - the third Sunday in the count. Over time, these harassment of course stopped.

Nevertheless, some countries still do not take this holiday today. Among them are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Armenia.

However, women have many other international holidays - for example Mother's Day or Sister's Day. In a word, ladies are not deprived of pleasant events.

Holidays for men

Men can also enjoy some dates. International holidays exist for the stronger sex. One of them is World Men's Day.

This holiday has appeared in the Soviet Union.The author was Mikhail Gorbachev. The first president of the USSR acted, so to speak, according to a certain plan. To begin with, a "dry law" was established, making all men sober. After that, they were presented with their own holiday. Apparently, it was necessary to mark it "with glasses of yogurt in hands". Officially, the holiday was approved at the beginning of the 21st century. However, as widely as the International Women's Day, no one notes it. The thing is that not everyone knows about this holiday. Nevertheless, over the last decade, several specific traditions have been attached to this event. On this day at work, men are congratulated, they say warm words and even award prizes for their outstanding contribution to the development of the country. For them, they arrange concerts and organize all sorts of competitions.

Celebrates this holiday every year on the first SaturdayNovember, more and more people. Quite possibly, soon this event will be on a par with such well-known dates as January 1 or March 8.

International days and holidays

In addition, like women, men have several more holidays. These include the Day of the Brother, Father's Day, etc.

Holidays for jokers

For people with a good sense of humor alsothere is a world-famous date. International holidays in April, more precisely, their list, it is she who discovers. The first number of people with great pleasure play each other, joke, laugh and have fun. There was such a custom many, many years ago in France.

This tradition has survived until today.By the way, some historians say that this date was not chosen by chance. Nature in the beginning of April is very capricious. Therefore, people try to "cajole" it with their various drawings and jokes.

international holidays in April

For drummers of labor, too, the date is highlighted!

There are also international days and holidays,created to support working people. "Peace! Work! May! "- a phrase familiar to everyone. There was this holiday in 1886 in Chicago. On May 1 workers of the city came together to organize a strike, demanding a reduction in the work day.

In 1889 in Paris it was decided tothe annual holding of the May Day demonstrations. Well, in 1890 this holiday was celebrated in Belgium, Denmark, Austria-Hungary, Germany, the USA, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France, Norway ... For a long time, May Day was considered the so-called symbol of the revolution. And today it is included in the number of ordinary events. And it is celebrated, as well as other simple international days and holidays. Interestingly, May Day is recognized in 66 countries.

For the younger generation - your holiday

Another famous event is the Dayknowledge, marked by the whole world on September 1. It is a sea of ​​white bows and flowers, excitement and laughter. For future first graders and graduates, this day is a particularly welcome holiday.

The beginning of each new academic year is celebrated by allschoolchildren, students, teachers. No holiday can not do without a solemn line, dedicated to the next stage in the life of each of them. Teachers desire children of knowledge and wisdom, which will enable them to cope with any random dislocation.

Songs and dances, poems and acrobatic numbers - students demonstrate their talents to those present, thus delivering great pleasure.

To the elderly - special respect

International holidays in October please us with such an event as the Day of Older Persons. It is celebrated on the 1 st day since 1991.

In different countries, this day is celebrated in its own way.For the elderly, various concerts, festivals and conferences dedicated to their rights are organized. And in the Scandinavian countries for a whole day on television, broadcasts are broadcast, taking into account the tastes of the perpetrators of the celebration.

Various public organizations and foundationsthere are also various charity events. In a word, the higher authorities try to provide a better, diverse, full-fledged and satisfying life for the elderly at least on this day.

There are various international holidays in October. However, the Day of the Elderly deserves, perhaps, special respect.

international holidays in October

In support of those who are particularly hard

International holidays in December alsodiffer in their variety. One of them is aimed at fighting AIDS. However, to call a holiday an event concerning such a serious problem is, of course, difficult, because the number of people diagnosed with HIV is growing every year. Most often, young people suffer from this terrible disease. Accordingly, for them, and organized a variety of concerts popular pop performers on December 1. At such events, often the results of various studies aimed at fighting AIDS are also voiced.

International holidays in December include other charitable events. Among them are the Day of the Disabled, the Day of Helping the Poor, the Day of Innocent Babies, etc.

The great importance of international holidays

So, opening the calendar, you can come toastonishment, drawing attention to how many events are celebrated practically by all countries of the world at the same time. Somewhere they are celebrated on a grand scale, somewhere - modestly and almost imperceptibly. However, in any case, positive emotions are guaranteed to people.

International holidays are of great importance.They erase the boundaries of cultural differences, unite people around the world. Joy and fun make them more familiar and closer to each other. As a result, every inhabitant of our planet can join the world civilization, become a participant in the general celebration!