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The best stain remover: name, prices, reviews

Often housewives try to find the beststain remover. To date, there are so many different tools that guarantee you a great result. Only in fact it turns out not at all the way it was promised. Therefore, more and more often began to appear reviews about such facilities. We are with you today to find the best stain remover for different things. It is necessary to take into account a lot of points when choosing. But this is not so difficult. After all, the main task is to find the best means for removing stains. Let's get to you as soon as possible.

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The first option that only housewives can advise is the ACE OXI MAGIC. This tool, frankly, is intended for washing off colored things. What does the customer think of him?

This is a very good stain remover.Plus, everything is not very expensive. Sold in any store or supermarket. The price ranges from 60 to 120 rubles per package. This stain remover looks like a powder. It will have to be applied to a dirty place, moisten a little and leave for a while, for about 5-10 minutes. In case of especially neglected options - for 30 minutes. After that, you can safely wash your laundry.

As you can see, many believe that this is the beststain remover. Reviews about ACE OXI MAGIC can be seen everywhere and everywhere. True, not everyone likes this option. After all, it does not have a very pleasant smell. Therefore, we have to look for other options.

Best Stain remover reviews

Udalix Ultra

For example, Udalix Ultra is perfect.This is the best stain remover, presented in the form of a special pencil. To be honest, it is very easy to use "Udalix". And this product is intended for different types of linen. As the customers say, you can easily and easily wash with it stains from white or colored things.

Applying "Udalix Ultra" is very easy.Simply apply the product on the stain and take a few minutes. Clients insist that the result will be very good. Especially if you consider that the price for this product is not very high - about 70 rubles.

True, there are some shortcomings here.For example, a pencil is quickly consumed. But this minus is covered by the low cost of the facility, as well as its availability in every household chemical store. In addition, it is supplied to large supermarkets throughout Russia. In general, "Udalix" is a good stain remover for colored things and white linen. Especially often he is advised by young mothers. After all, this product does not cause allergies in children. For parents with babies "Udalix" - the real salvation.

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"Eared Nanny"

The best stain remover reviews getpositive in all senses. Just such is "Ushasty nanny." This remedy is very common among young mothers, who always have to wash different stains on children's clothes.

"Ushasty nanny" - the best stain remover.Reviews about it more and more often are left by families. After all, this tool is common, childish and not particularly expensive. Plus, as the manufacturer says, it's absolutely safe. And does not cause allergies. But is it?

In fact, not really."Ushasty nanny" - this is a good tool for washing children's things, but already more adults. For newborns, this stain remover should not be used. After all some mummies assure, that after application at children there are rashes, an itch, and also an eruption. That is, newborns do not exclude the fact of calling an allergic reaction. And this is not particularly encouraging. After all, you always want to find some universal tool that helps to cope with stains on any clothing. But are there any? Let's try to understand this difficult matter as soon as possible.

Sarma Active

The next remedy is still quite new. "Sarma Active" is a good stain remover of domestic production. As many customers say, a worthy response to imported goods.

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This means for removing stains is differentlow price and good work quality. For packing in 500 grams of powder, you will have to pay about 50-60 rubles. And with all this, "Sarma Active" is found in almost any supermarket. Sometimes you have to look it up, but it's worth it.

The application is simple:it is enough to moisten a stain with a warm water, and then apply a powder of "Sarma" for a while. Next, rub it well and rinse. You will see how the result will not keep you waiting. "Sarma Active" is perfect for color and white linen. In addition, it is a good stain remover that can be used when washing children's things.

According to statistics, this remedydoes not cause allergic reactions in toddlers. And this is very pleasing. After all, this fact often makes you think about the use of this or that stain remover.

True, there is one small disadvantage here -In some regions, it is very difficult to get Sarma Active. Therefore, you have to search for goods in online stores, and also order it with a margin. But do not worry - one package is enough for a long time.

Amway SA8

Which stain remover is better? Determining this can be very difficult. Have to try a lot of different tools and learn a lot of reviews. It is worth paying attention to such goods as "Amway SA8".

the best stain remover for colored linen

It is not a very expensive tool that is necessaryfor preliminary stain removal. In the shops this is the most common foam spray. It is applied to the stain and left for a while. The cost of one can vary from 100 to 200 rubles. It is not necessary to think that this is a full-fledged stain remover (although the producer positions the remedy in this way). Some customers use it when they doubt the washing of a stain, or as additional help against stale contamination.

Nevertheless, the result after usepretty good. Especially if you take into account the price. Find this tool is quite easy and simple, which makes the product extremely affordable. And this pleases many customers. It is not recommended to use when washing children's things. After all, with this drug in newborns there are frequent allergic reactions.


There is also an interesting stain remover, like "5+".This is a fairly inexpensive means, which is great for washing colored underwear and white things. It is a gel that is applied to the desired tissue site and is left there for a while. The cost of one package is approximately 80 rubles. This price tag is very pleasing to customers.

It seems that all is well.As the customers say, "5+" does not cause allergies, even in newborns. It seemed to be the best stain remover for colored underwear and white things. But it is not so. After all, this tool is not intended for stubborn stains. Such an average stain remover that can not cope with engine oil. But here with plasticine and chewing gum - easily.

the best spot remover reviews

"5+" is an affordable tool for everyone.And many customers say that you can safely use it in combination with "Amway". This will help you achieve the best result. Do not want to buy expensive stain removers, and your clothes are rarely stained with oil and other stubborn stains? Then "5+" is the ideal solution.


There is another very popular and well-knowngood stain remover - Vanish. This tool is available in every supermarket and in several forms. There's powder and foam. Only in this way does this product manage its duties well?

The thing is that the price of customers is not happy- for 350 grams of money will have to pay from 350 to 500 rubles. In addition, customers note that "Vanish" is very uneconomically spent. One jar or box will last for several applications, and then you need to buy a new one.

"Vanish" often does not cope with their ownthe main duties - the withdrawal of difficult and stale spots. So many after use are unhappy. And so they try to avoid this popular brand. For such a price, as buyers say, the result is simply awful.

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To be honest, the stain remover can be made on its own. Especially if you want to wash children's things. To do this, you have to use some household chemicals.

The best stain remover for colored things, and alsofor white - a combination of ordinary soap (household, child) and detergent for dishes. Rub into a small container of soap and dissolve it in the "Now apply for a while on the stain, and then wash it off." The result will not wait. Plus it's quite a cheap solution: it will cost you about 20 rubles, and use this homemade remedy can be very long.