/ When is the day of the river fleet?

When is the Day of the River Fleet?

Water - the element, without which life on Earthis impossible! Rivers, seas, oceans not only supply us with food and water, but also ensure the economic development of the country. Millions of people and cargoes cross the water. And these trips are carried out by high-class specialists. His professional holiday is the Day of workers of the sea and river fleet - they celebrate on the first Sunday of July. Annually for two centuries these brave people receive congratulations and good wishes from the government, relatives, friends and passengers. Show attention and prepare a speech in advance for your seaman!

Excursion to the history

Great Peter I created and approved the Russianthe navy. Azov by his order became the main port of the country. Hence the long and successful path of Russian sea vessels began. The ships were built on the money of the population collected by the state. Everyone put a particle in this necessary and important business. For thirty years the fleet has transformed beyond recognition: dozens of powerful galleys, frigates, brigantine. And most importantly - brave and courageous workers who, without pitying themselves, promoted and multiplied the fleet.

day of the river fleet

The Day of the River Fleet is still relativelyyoung. According to the decree of the head of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR he is celebrated in 1988. Every year, parades, celebrations, on which a lot of people there. Until now, almost every boy dreams of becoming a captain of a ship and go on a fascinating journey.

Strength and power

To date, the Russian fleet is the most powerfulworld. This is the merit of the state, designers, engineers, captains, ordinary repairmen and all those who concern this profession. People who have devoted their lives to work on the "wet" highways of the country are kind, brave and sympathetic. Always ready to come to the rescue, lend a helping hand. They, like brothers and sisters, stand shoulder to shoulder and do not leave a friend in trouble. In this industry there are their own beliefs and traditions, which have been observed for many decades.

Prepare a congratulation on the Day of the river fleet in advance to pronounce it with an expression and do not forget the words!

Let always a happy wind

Hanging in sails.

And tears appear

Only with laughter in his eyes.

The pier always welcomes you,

Warm and cozy, good,

And I sincerely congratulate you,

Happy Fleet Day, a solemn day!

I wish career growth,

The tail wind is always,

Let time slip more slowly,

It does not take years to waste!

Such wishes can be expressed to native people and simply acquaintances on the Day of the River Fleet.

day of river fleet workers

Students, entrants

Many from childhood are obsessed with the idea of ​​dedicating theirlife to water smoothness. However, after graduating from special universities, specialists prefer to work on the shore. The best educational institutions open their doors to entrants. Those who want to get an elite profession are many. The training is interesting, but it can be difficult. Of course, practice is the basis of the program. Special vessels are used, fully staffed for the training of young specialists and access to the open sea. Therefore, the Day of River Fleet workers concerns them. Students are happy to celebrate this holiday, congratulate teachers on merry performances.

Good words

A professional holiday for real sailorsmore important than their own name-day. They prepare in advance for this event. If there is a person in your environment who is concerned with the Day of the River Fleet - congratulate him from the heart.

congratulations on the day of the river fleet

The holiday of brave and courageous people,

On the sea or the river - it does not matter,

Service is difficult,

Ferries, ships sailing

Thanks to their efforts,

Our brave and kindred.

Let there be success,

It sounds like only laughter at work.

Career growth and associated wind.

We know it's hard for you!

After all, you never give up,

Rechniki proudly called!

With water you are tied forever,

This is your element, support, work!

Such a congratulation can be written in a beautifulPostcard and hand to a loved one on the Day of the River Fleet. You can make a card with your own hands in the form of an application or a picture. On this day it is nice to receive such a gift and attention.

day workers of the sea and river fleet congratulations


The first Sunday in July is a wonderful warmday. The weather is beautiful, you can arrange a picnic in nature, of course, near the pond. Invite your friends and have a fun party. A good reason for such a celebration is the Day of Workers of the Sea and River Fleet. Congratulations, contests, quizzes, prepare in advance. Delicious food, warm water and a good company - a party will be held with a bang! Say kind words to the people of this profession. After all, they are all one friendly team. Here with whom you need to take an example. Never throw in trouble on land or on water. With their help, the country's economy is developing successfully, millions of passengers make safe trips.

Celebrate all holidays cheerfully, let the gray days of everyday life be forgotten on such days. Attach imagination, effort and have fun from the heart!