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Pouches with diamonds. Earrings gold pendants with diamonds

Earrings - filigree jewelry,intended for socks in the ears. For their execution, metals, bioplastics, pebbles and crystals are used. Variations in the manufacture of earrings, as well as the mechanisms of fasteners of elegant items are varied.


Pussets - the third name of earrings-studs.The peculiarity of these products is fastening to the ear without visible elements. The pouches with diamonds, pebbles or crystals are provided with a pin that passes through the hole in the ear and is fixed with a miniature clamp on the back side. Individual specimens are equipped with a "frog" - a lock with a spring and a lock.

Diamond pouches

In most models, the pin is threadedfor winding a decorative screw. Thanks to this lock, the decoration is securely fixed in the ear. This mount is supplied with many models of a pushet. And expensive gold and diamond pouches almost all have such a clasp, which excludes their loss.

Screw, screwing on the foot of the gun,provides a comfortable abutment of the jewelry to the ear. The original lock system turns earrings into a convenient universal decoration. The models of the guns differ in external forms.

Types of the launch

The variety of earrings-studs is incredibly large.Classics of the genre are pouches, in the frame of which one pebble sparkles. Their grace in charming simplicity and ease. They are an ideal decoration for all women of fashion. However, diamond pouches do not fit young girls.

Crystals, pure, like a tear, receiveddiamond cut, refer to age stones. Their luxury is revealed on individuals who have crossed the eighteen-year threshold. Carnations that radiate the brilliance of diamonds are gorgeous on elegant persons.

Pouches are usually encrusted with classicalcolorless diamonds. However, extravagant people often acquire carnations with colored crystals. Blue pebbles emphasize the tenderness of blue-eyed blondes. Brunettes are approached with yellowish diamonds that perfectly set off the swarthiness of their skin. Pink crystals to the face of young ladies, and diamonds of dark colors are ideal for elegantly beautiful mature ladies.

Earrings pouches with diamonds

Business women are interested in platinum,silver and gold (and the noble metal can have different shades - yellow, white or pink) earrings-pouches with a tiny pebble. They often complement their matching style chain with a low-key suspension or ring.

Rounded pouches

Carnations are performed in rounded forms, with neatfixed crystal. In addition, there are models, almost invisible, or rather, invisibly their gold, platinum or silver frame. It seems that in the ladies' ears sparkles exclusively diamond crystal.

Gold pendants with diamonds

Such specimens are luxurious due to their simplicity.It is the lack of excesses that makes the look of the pusete admirable. White gold with diamonds is an aristocratic combination. Earring-studs in this performance amaze with the play of a diamond, differently illuminated in this or that light, capable of adding to the noble crystal of splendor and magical mystery.

Molded earrings-pouches

Earrings-carnations in the form of something - beautifula kind of a pus. These are delicious jewelry pieces of miniature jewelry. They have all kinds of floral and animalistic forms. They are performed in the form of classic butterflies, inlaid with diamond crumbs, crosses or hearts, harmoniously combining several pebbles.

In the ears are organically looked stud earrings anylaconic geometric shape: triangular, oval and round. Classic specimens are practical. Ancient forms of earrings-pouches with diamonds - an elegant addition for ladies, who have long hair, laid in exquisite hairstyles.

Such decorations easily hint at the statusowner, because these are pretentiously fascinating gizmos. So, with a sample of classicism - a black short dress from the legendary Coco - gorgeous triangular stud earrings. And thanks to a precious headset, including a diadem, a necklace and elegant large earrings-pouches, a woman will become simply irresistible.

Such noble decorations are worthy of feminineIndividuals - samples of elegance and refinement. Such jewelry - a magnificent example of refinement and minimalism - would not hesitate to wear, for example, Madeline Dietrich herself. Therefore, the pouches are encrusted with diamonds - stones of true ladies.

White gold pendants with diamonds

Jewelers create pouches with diamonds of modestsizes, large and massive, as well as with pendants, short and descending to the shoulders. In their collections there are original spectacular specimens with floating diamonds. These earrings are studs, inside which the crystals are not fixed, but freely roll, as if floating, elegantly decorating precious products.

How to choose the pouches?

Carnival earrings are perfect for ladies with any type of face. However, choosing them, you need to consider a couple of features:

  • Excessively small beads with diamonds drown in the lobe, which means that they will visually enlarge the eye. They are good only for those who have a small ear from birth.
  • Large massive pusets, closing the lobe, create the illusion of a too small ears. They are suitable only for those who intentionally seek to reduce the ear.

Diamond pouches, whether it is carnations in the form ofhats or earrings with pendants - a wonderful decoration for day and evening outlets. They, merging with the dress, regardless of its texture, style and color, form a tremendous ensemble, giving the woman an irresistible charm.