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Names for hedgehogs: how to choose the original name for the pet

What is the name of the hedgehog?Animal is unusual, exotic. And I want to give the nickname special. You can build on the appearance or behavior of the animal, its origin or come up with something unusual. What are the names for hedgehogs?

names for hedgehogs


The name can be chosen depending on the brightnessexpressed features in the appearance of the animal. All hedgehogs are prickly, and this often becomes the basis for the name - Cactus, Kolyuchka, Kolyuchkin, Igolkin, Igolchik, Needle, Igls, Igly. Many simply transform the word "hedgehog" and get a nickname like Hezh, Yozhka, Blackberry, Ebic, Yoshik, Ezhidze, Yonik, Yezha Yezhovna, Ezhana, Ezhinka, Yolka, Yoshik, Yozheg, Yozh, Yo-Yo.

Names for hedgehogs can be associated with foreignlanguage that you are studying or just love. Igel - hedgehog in German, Hedgehog in English, Vozhyk in Belarusian, Riccio in Italian, Eriso in Spanish, Harinezumi in Japanese, and Erison in French.

Finally, you can give names for hedgehogs byany external sign that you particularly like. White hedgehog can be called White, Belka, Belyash, Snow, Snowball, brown - Corey, Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Cinnamon. Hedgehog with large ears - Ushastik, Bolshoi Uho, Ushan.

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Character names

The hedgehogs lead a nocturnal lifestyle, publish interesting sounds, rustling, trampling, may be curious or cautious. All the features of the behavior and nature of the animal can help to come up with names for hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs snort and sniff loudly - Uf, Fufik, Futa,Funia, Fuyarchik, Firchun, Fyr, Sop-Sop, Sop Sopych, Grumbling, Ukhti-Tukhti, Pyfik. Rustle and stamp - Shurshunchik, Shusha, Shushan, Shushunya, Shunya, Shushu, Shu, Shushik, Toptunchik, Topot, Topotysh, Topotush, Toptyga, Toptygin, Shepotun, Shastik. They like to be active at night - Night, Night, Evening, Moon, Month, Mars.

If your hedgehog is timid, affectionate, call him Baby, Baby, and if fighting and aggressive - Tiger, Zlyuchka.

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African nicknames

If you purchased an African hedgehog, you can give it a name that is popular in your historical homeland. It's quite unusual, besides the name will make a difference.

Name for the boy's hedgehog:Imu (darkness, darkness), Peach (diamond), Rudo (love), Jituku (cunning), Neo (gift), Tabo, Dayo (joy), Izok (hairy), Gugu (treasure), Boipuzo (freedom) (cruel), Kamo (quiet warrior), Obi (heart), Tafari (fearsome), Udo (peaceful), Faraj (improved), Firun (rain), Chiumba (small), Chakaid (caress).

Name for the girl's hedgehog:Abangu (from the forest), Akoko (rustling), Amadi (joy), Advar (hunter), Atina (born at night), Ezi (born on Sunday), Ife (love), Kamaria (as the moon), Cleopatra (glory of her father) , Lunjil (good), Ntanada (star), Subira (patience), Tandayv (love), Chika (god is the greatest), Chipo (gift), Ash (life).

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Famous people

You can name the hedgehog in honor of your favorite artist, singer, composer, writer, movie hero.

For example, in your house can live Van Gogh,Picasso, Rembrandt or Michelangelo in person. Or the hero of your favorite comics - Hulk, Flash, Batman, Thor, Iron Man. A famous explorer is Marco Polo, James Cook, Ferdinand Magellan or a physicist - Einstein, Newton, Planck, Tesla.

For fans of reading the options of mass - name ithedgehog in honor of his favorite literary character - Hamlet, Romeo, Faust, Jane Eyre, Scarlett O'Hara, Lolita. No less options for movie lovers - Captain Jack Sparrow, Joker, Rocky, Rambo, Lila, Amelie, Bonnie, etc.

Think about what you love, what you are passionate about. In any hobby can be a great, interesting name for the pet.

Unusual nicknames

The name for a boy's hedgehog may be related tomilitary ranks. For example, Captain Shurshunchik, General Chuk-Chuk, etc. You can call a hedgehog as you usually call dogs or cats - Mukhtar, Rex, Sharik, Pushok, etc. The guests will certainly be surprised if after the phrase "I'll show you my Barsik now" you will not bring them a cat at all.

You have not yet come up with a name for your hedgehog? Perhaps this list will help you.

Names for hedgehogs:Kuzya, Arnie, Sonic, Yoshik, Vzhik, Fru-Frou, Chuchundrik, Yasha, Tishka, Funtik, Caesar, Willie, Zorro, Shadow, Lucky, Tramp, Fomka, Pyfik, Shalun, Hippie, Harvey, Benny, Bruce, Vaska, Ganjik, Thomas, Chip, Jorik, Kenny, Phil, Garfield, Hector, Loki, Thunder, Nathan, Chaplin, Whiskey, Grandfather Pihto, Major Tom, Chaos, Zipper, Grandfather Hedgehog.

Names for hedgehogs:Busya, Masyanya, Lola, Businka, Lulu, Grace, Pyatnyshko, Nyusha, Flora, Fru-frou, Snezha, Snowflake, Leela, Buffy, Groza, Leia, Diana, Linda, Jasmine, Utah, Bianca, Minnie, Tutti, Princess, Fluffy, Aelita, Yuki, Keiko, Nelly, Pinky, Lilith, Tiffany, Eureka, Button, Klepa, Grandma Yozhka, Fake.