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Double-sided tape on foamed basis: where and for what use?

Has it ever happened that a securely fixed objectthe interior suddenly broke away from the support, moreover at the most inopportune moment. And what about the nails sticking out of the wall, which are attached mirrors, paintings and much more in your home? Many housewives certainly have repeatedly had a desire to get rid of these ancient fixatives and at the same time reliably fix the objects of decor.

Now it is possible thanks todouble-sided tape on foamed basis. It is a familiar two-sided adhesive tape. The only difference is the base, which is a fine-mesh foamed polyethylene.

Why use double-sided adhesive tape

It is due to the greater thickness and especiallydeveloped adhesive glue, double-sided tape on foamed basis is great for fixing objects of different sizes and weight categories on uneven and rough surfaces. Incidentally, the second name for this type of adhesive tape is a mirror tape, since it is well suited for securing mirrors.

double-sided adhesive tape on foamed basis

High quality and functionality allow using double-sided adhesive tape on foamed basis in such areas as:

  • installation of glass and advertising equipment;
  • fastening examples of products to showcases, billboards and stands;
  • gluing of glass and plastic plates;
  • assembly of stands for both internal and external use.


Scotch Dollex double-sided on a foamed basis,reviews about which are positive, takes a strong place in the market. Users note its resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet light, temperature fluctuations.

Scotch dollex double-sided foam-based reviews

Scotch Dollex is considered one of the most reliablefixing materials, which can be purchased at an affordable price. With the help of double-sided scotch of this brand various plates, plinths, hangers, mirrors and other decorative elements

Double-sided scotch tape 3M

Double-sided adhesive tape on foamed basis 3Mallows fixing more reliably than with screws or welding. As the basis here is a foamed acrylic polymer material, which when applied to an uneven surface fills all defects and depressions, strengthening the adhesion.

With the help of a double-sided tape on a foamed basis, various decorative and informative items are attached.

The price of Scotch tape 3M is slightly higher than the restbrand of this product. This is due to the extreme efficiency and strength of this material. It allows you to save time during installation work in industrial and household spheres.

double-sided adhesive tape on foamed basis 3m

Although in fact the number of tasks thatcan be solved with the help of a similar double-sided adhesive tape, much more than it might seem at first glance. In the domestic sphere it is an indispensable thing, the producers of which constantly expand the scope of its capabilities and the field of operation.

Double-sided tape on foamed basis - a modern alternative to the usual methods of fixing everyday objects on uncomfortable surfaces. It makes repairs and decorations more simple.