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Confectionery syringe - a tool for a true master

Every good pastry chef always has his owna set of tools with which he can perform miracles. One of these tools is the confectionery syringe. With its help, you can not only decorate any cake or cake, but also shape the semi-finished product from the dough. It is always nice to see a culinary product not only deliciously cooked, but also decorated in a suitable way. The stage of decoration is underestimated. But in vain. Using a pastry syringe, you can transform the simplest home made biscuit and turn it into an elegant piece of culinary art. It can be used to work with cream, mousse and even paste.

Cream injector
This simplest device is acylinder, made of metal or plastic, inside which the piston moves. At its opposite end there is a nozzle with a hole. The mixture is loaded into the cylinder, and as a result of the translational movement of the piston under pressure moves towards the nozzle. The hole has a certain profile and, passing through it, the mass acquires a corresponding shape. In this way, roses, petals, inscriptions and tracery drawings are made. Confectionery syringe gives the opportunity to show imagination. Take this opportunity!

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If you look closely, you cannote that the syringe confectionery is very similar to the medical one. The only difference is in the nozzle. But the medical needle is also a kind of attachment through which the medicine is pushed out. The same happens with the cream.

Recently, housewives are increasinglywondered where to buy a pastry syringe. In the trading markets, mainly Chinese products predominate. This already says a lot about its quality. Devices quickly break down and fail. Therefore, sometimes there is an idea to make a device yourself. It is not difficult. As a cylinder, you can use any unnecessary flask of soft plastic. For example, after dyeing hair, a tube remains from under peroxide, and its cap can perfectly serve as a nozzle. A piece of dense fabric can also be used as a cylinder. In this case, it will not be a confectionery syringe, but a confectionery bag. The fabric is folded in the form of a cone, and at the end the selected nozzle is fixed. With the help of such a bag with cream you can write a congratulation on the cake or apply a liked pattern. There are many options. You just need to adjust and show skill. At first it's always difficult, but this is only the first time.

A confectionery syringe usually has a few baitsvarious forms, which are intended for mixtures of different consistencies. It can be both mechanical and electrical. The electric version is more powerful and greatly simplifies the work of the hostess in the kitchen.

Syringes are used not only at home,but also on the production lines of confectionery production. With their help, produce a marshmallow, as well as test billets for brewed cakes. After baking, these blanks are filled with a fragrant cream and enter the sales network already in the form of everyone's favorite treats.

confectionery syringe
Having such an instrument at home, it is easy to preparevarious complex desserts, decorate the holiday cakes or fill the mouth-watering donuts with mouth-watering mixtures. Friends will admire for a long time, remembering the unique masterpieces of your culinary art, and in a short time you can really become a real master.