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Feed for premium kittens: dry or wet? What is the best food for a kitten?

Everyone who once decides to get a cat in the house, it is necessary to face the question of what kind of food is better for a kitten.

Industrial food or natural food

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Natural food, of course, is very useful forhealth of the kid. But is it possible to independently balance the daily diet in such a way that the animal receives the necessary daily norm of nutrients, microelements and vitamins? Given the modern rhythm of life, most owners will hardly have time to prepare food for the pet. For many it is much more convenient to use premium-feed for kittens. A good industrial feed will not cost more than a natural balanced food. In addition, today the market and the price range of these products has expanded. Also, the number of producers that offer premium-class kittens has increased. Given that this is not an adult cat, which means that proper nutrition requires a special approach, special cooking technologies for these kids are developed.

Advantages of dry food

Which food is better for a kitten: dry or wet?Advantages of "drying" is obvious: such food will not spoil, but because it can be kept in a bowl for a long time. This is very convenient if you have to leave for a long time. For such cases, you can buy a special feeder equipped with a timer and a dispenser. Universal dry food in a long journey or when at the exhibition. Contrary to prejudice, the likelihood of an animal from various diseases from such food is extremely small. But for this you need to follow certain rules: to provide the pet with clean water in a bowl; do not mix natural food with dry food; dosing "drying" strictly according to the weight of the baby. Feed for premium kittens should be selected based on the physiological condition of the pet. If there is a violation or non-observance of these conditions, there is a risk that the pet has urolithiasis and digestive problems.

Features of wet feeds

Another possible option is canned food.However, such a feed for premium-class kittens is not very convenient to use. Due to the fact that it has a property to quickly deteriorate, one should not allow the long-term storage of canned food in a bowl. For the same reason, wet kittens are sold in compact packages, which significantly increases its price.

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In order to provide the pet with qualitycanned food, you need to be ready to pay a round sum. In addition, if you have to stay out of the house for a long time, the animal can not be fed with canned food, so they are less convenient than dry food.

Feed for premium kittens: how to choose

When choosing a kitten's nutrition, it is important to be guidednot on classification, but on composition. At the moment, the legislative base is not precise enough, in this regard, the division of feed into classes is conditional. For the most part this applies to domestic production. Premium food may be lower in quality than was declared by the manufacturer. This is due to the fact that such producers determine the category of their feeds, relying on price policy.

What is the best food for a kitten?

Several brands of feed for premium-class kittens are justified in the market leading positions. These include:

- Feed Hills ("Hills"). Included in its composition are antioxidants andamino acids promote good digestion in the development of immunity in kittens. This feed supports bladder health in order to prevent urolithiasis. "Hills" is produced in packages weighing 400 grams, 2 kilograms, 5 kilograms and 10 kilograms. Prices range from 219 to 3450 rubles, depending on the weight.

- Acana ("Acana"). Since the appearance of this food on sale, hehad time to fall in love with kittens. Thanks to the thoughtful composition of food, which includes egg, lamb meat, pike perch, pets grow up healthy and strong. "Akana" is produced in packages: 400 grams, 2 kilograms, 5 kilograms, 7 kilograms and 18 kilograms. The price of feed is from 250 to 5890 rubles.

- The most affordable premium food in the price category is deservedly considered Royal Canin ("Royal Canin"). In its composition there are only the mostnecessary substances needed for a growing feline organism. It includes L-carnitine, which contributes to the normal formation of the bone system in the animal. Feed "Royal" for kittens is produced by 400 grams, 2 kilograms, 4 kilograms and 10 kilograms. The price of this food is from 187 to 3280 rubles, depending on the weight.

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When forming a price, one of the main rolesplay advertising costs. In this regard, it is recommended that you carefully study the composition before buying premium-class kittens. To do this, it is sufficient to navigate through the main important items of the ingredients. The protein content of animal origin should form the basis of the feed, that is, this item is at the very beginning of the list. Protein of vegetable origin does not contain amino acids essential for the animal, and it is also poorly digested. The specific weight of chicken or turkey meat in the feed directly affects the cost of the latter. The meat of a tender lamb, salmon, duck is used as a marketing move, and if it is added, then in a minimal amount.

How to estimate the feed class

You can independently assess the quality of feed inaccordance with the scale of Fredalina. The starting point is 100 points. Based on the composition of the feed to the initial amount are added / subtracted points. Based on the obtained result, a conclusion is made on the special table.

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Thus, before you start a kitten, it is worthdetermine the type of feeding. If you have free time, you can give him natural food, carefully thought out the daily diet. It will be necessary to take into account that for normal growth and development the pet needs to consume food, in which there will be a necessary set of microelements, vitamins, nutrients. Otherwise, there is a risk of developmental pathologies and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Easier and less confusing option - readyindustrial premium feed. Thanks to the developed technology, they have the necessary set of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Using such food to feed the kitten, you can be sure that the pet will grow active and healthy.