/ / Best gifts for girls for 9 years: costumes, dresses and toys. How to choose a gift for a child for 9 years

Best gifts for girls for 9 years: costumes, dresses and toys. How to choose a gift for a child for 9 years

Each of us was a child.It is in childhood that you want to dream, to know the world, to feel support, attention and understanding of loved ones. How to support and please the child? For many adults this question does not give rest, especially on the eve of the holidays. After all, we want so much not to disappoint our little miracle, whether it be a daughter, a niece, a younger sister, a child of a friend. Today we will think about little princesses.

The question of what to give a girl 9 years old canappear suddenly and lead to a long chain of reflections. After all, this is the age when the little princess is already moving away from carefree childhood, but has not yet realized the world of teenage interests. Gifts for girls for 9 years can be a serious test for those who choose them, because it is so important not to be mistaken.

Gifts for girls for 9 years

Where to begin?

For starters, think about which girl you arewill present a present. Mentally imagine the child, make a small psychological portrait, because temperament in many ways affects the child's tastes and preferences. Think about what kind of pastime the girl prefers - passive or active, whether she likes to be alone, doing something, or always reaching out to other people. This insignificant, it would seem, circumstance, will allow to choose the type of gift, the sphere of its application. For children who are calm and assiduous, everything that is connected with working at the table - sets for creativity, paints, books, is good. Children who like to run and frolic will appreciate sports goods and clothes. Those who love communication, for certain will appreciate fashionable and beautiful novelties. Of course, the spectrum of special gifts can be spoken endlessly, because each child is individual - someone likes astronomy, someone else plays dolls, and someone already dreams of becoming a famous sportsman or doctor. But there is also a subcategory of universal gifts, among which there certainly will be something suitable.

Dresses for girls 9 years old

A win-win presentation

If you want, you can always pick up goodGifts for girls for 9 years. If you do not know for sure what she dreams of, it's better to give something that is related to beauty, comfort and a sense of care. This includes beautiful clothes and toys. It is at this age that the girl already wants to dress up, emphasize her femininity. She can be very pleased even with any "dress at a time", in which she flaunts on her holiday or away. After all, garments, if they are chosen carefully, allow you to "try" on yourself a different state of mind, and this applies to children and adults. Well, toys are the undisputed leader in the field of gifts. They are presented to adults, boys and girls. They will always create a festive mood, and for a girl can eventually become a best friend.

Clothes for girls 9 years old

Clothing is a gift?

If you are thinking about buying clothes inas a gift, do not doubt the correctness of your choice. Clothes for girls of 9 years now are full of variety, you just need to consider some criteria when choosing:

  • The style and type of clothes should be liked by the child. If the girl does not want to wear dresses, and this happens, do not give her this particular wardrobe thing.
  • Clothes should be quality and comfortable. It does not matter, the costume is for every day or ballroom outfit, things should please, which means - to serve for a long time.
  • Subjects. Now a lot of offers of clothes with animation characters, children are very fond of such outfits, it remains to guess the name of your favorite cartoon.
  • The ratio of practicality and festivity. It is unlikely that the child will be pleased with another gray turtleneck or a set of tights. Please note that the gift must carry some emotional load.
  • Style. Remember that you do not choose clothes for yourself. Get a bright outfit that corresponds to age.

suits for girls 9 years old

Examples of festive costumes

Girls will appreciate the bright outfit that can be wornfor a carnival or a holiday. Suits for girls of 9 years can be purchased in specialized stores, as a rule, the images there are selected according to age. Examples include the costumes of an angel, atamans, a Russian girl, an eastern princess, Cinderella, Spanish women, Gypsies, and many others. This outfit will allow children to arrange skits and enjoy the transformation. Costumes are easy to pick up on the size, the estimated growth is indicated, which for this age is 134-140 cm. Carnival costumes are sewn from light, flowing fabrics combined with decorations and sparkles, and this will suit any little princess. Of course, the outfit can be picked up and everyday. Then it's worth to stop on sets with a special design, nice color and fashionable pattern.

Atmosphere of the holiday

Dream dress

To buy dresses for girls of 9 years is not so simple.Of course, it is worthwhile to orient in the sizes, but on the first place there will be a choice of model. Designer dress, of course, not everyone can afford, but not a single girl will remain indifferent. The ability to choose a dress with a bright print, flower coloring, a design similar to adult models, will allow you to easily determine the fashion world. A beautiful box will perfectly complement the overall look of your gift. Colors for girls are better to choose pastel, warm shades or, conversely, more saturated. To the dress, you can choose accessories, for example, something from jewelry or jewelry for the hair.

Toys for girls 9 years old

Plush friends

Toys are able to give the sea of ​​positive emotions. Soft products will suit all children, regardless of their tastes and preferences. Among the range of toy stores can be identified:

  • Small toys, no more than 40 cm high. Such products are often created based on cartoons.
  • Musical toys. As a rule, these are cartoon characters who voice their "crown" phrases.
  • Teddy bears. These beloved heroes will melt the heart of every girl. The classical version is a bear of gray color, which is often supplemented with hearts, bows and other funny details.
  • Toys-scarves. Many people will like this know-how! However, too serious nine-year-old girls who want to appear adults, such a gift can not appreciate.
  • Toys-slippers. This accessory and a toy in one bottle often appears in movie frames. Lovely plush slippers will be excellent to warm and delight every day.
  • Great products. Such toys for girls of 9 years will precisely hit the target. These are huge bears, pandas, lions and other forest inhabitants, which often exceed the growth of their future owner.

Separately it is worth mentioning the category of radio-controlled toys. Usually they are fond of boys, but some girls will like the radio-controlled helicopter or car.

Of course, dolls should not be excluded from the list either. Only this should be beautiful, perhaps, collectible samples.

Gifts for a girl of 9 years

Alternative to traditional gifts

If you have already bypassed all the shops, and you have not found the desired one, it's time to find out what other gifts the girls are offered for 9 years by the market. Among the more original suggestions:

  • books and cognitive posters;
  • telescopes, binoculars;
  • children's cosmetics;
  • handbags and jewelry;
  • Board games;
  • kits for creativity (knitting, drawing, modeling).

Atmosphere of the holiday

In order to give gifts for girls at 9 years of ageunforgettable, they need to be formalized accordingly. Do not skimp on the beautiful box, ribbon and festive decor. Also, try to beautifully decorate the room where the holiday will be held, with the help of balls and flowers.