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Choose mirrors in the bathroom

Perhaps the bathroom could have beensimple and not requiring special decoration, strictly functional room. Planning the overall design of the apartment today, bypassing the bathroom is simply indecent. There is room for decor elements, and modern furniture, and additional accessories. So, for a bathroom, one of the important items is a mirror that can not only perform certain functions, but also visually expand the room, decorate its interior, give it a "zest".

mirrors in the bathroom

To pick mirrors in a bathroom is a whole art: it is necessary to combine functionality and design. Correctly selected mirror can please you and be the object of admiration and interest of your guests. In addition to aesthetics, we must also take into account such a factor as the material of manufacture. After all, the bathroom is constantly high humidity, contact with water, temperature changes. Therefore, before you buy this piece of interior, you must, as in that proverb, measure seven times.

All mirrors, regardless of their destination,are manufactured using the same technology. But here in a role of a covering of the back party the different material - or silver, or aluminum amalgam can act. And if for a normal room you can choose a mirror with a simple coating, then the mirrors in the bathroom have a special, moisture resistant.

The back cover can be multilayered, made on the basis of resin,

bathroom mirrors with light
preventing water penetration and detachmentamalgams. If you choose mirrors in a bathroom with a silver coating, then they, though they will cost more, will last longer. After all, they have excellent reflecting qualities and more reliable protection against moisture. Categorically, you should not choose a mirror in a wooden frame. Better in metal stainless or in plastic.

Choosing a mirror in the bathroom, you need to carefully examine it: there are no damages, chips, scratches, frozen in the glass of bubbles. In quality mirrors, the rear surface is smooth, green in color.

Usually the mirror is hung over the washbasin. Well, if it will have a vertically extended view and be fixed on the hinges, allowing you to change the angle. Ideal for bathroom mirrors with light, which have recently become particularly popular. They not only give the room a more attractive look, but also always highlight the face well, and the image is clear.

bathroom mirror with shelf

In the bathroom mirror acts not only as a stylishthe object of the interior, it is primarily a very practical thing. Therefore, many models are equipped with various additional devices, for example, shelves. A bathroom mirror with a shelf is necessary to be able to conveniently arrange any small items: creams, lotions, toothbrushes and other small things. Made of glass, plastic or metal, such shelves save space, and the necessary things are always at hand.

Today in specialized stores alwaysthere is a large selection of models of mirrors of different shapes and different styles. That's where you can buy quality mirrors in the bathroom, which will remain shiny and clean for a long time.