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PVC panels for the bathroom - modern renovation at a reasonable price

More and more people want to decorate the bathroomroom using PVC panels. What is the advantage of this material, which was able to slightly press the leading tiles in this issue? PVC panels for the bathroom - an economical option, as compared to other finishing materials, their cost is low.

pvc panels for the bathroom
Building markets and large supermarkets todaycan offer a huge range of such panels. It will take time to make the right choice. Before buying, you need to determine at least the desired color.

If your bathroom does not differ largesize, then you better choose light shades - this famous design method will visually expand the room. It is very important that you can mount the panels in the bathroom independently, without the involvement of specialists.

Installation of PVC panels in the bathroom is simple. Even a newcomer in repair work will be able to cope with it. But first you need to choose a fastener method. You can implement it in three ways:

- with the help of glue;

- with the help of self-tapping screws;

- fix on the "guides".

Installation of panels on the adhesive is carried out rather quickly, but this method has one

pvc panel for bathroom photo
a serious drawback - if you want to change the interior of the room dismantling is quite difficult.

The installation of panels using self-tapping screws is a very laborious process. You need to drill a lot of holes, because you will spend much more time and effort.

The most reliable and widespread is consideredmethod of attachment to the rails. They are fixed on the wall in a horizontal position at the ceiling, in the middle and near the floor. Before starting the installation, it is advisable to level the walls. PVC panels for the bathroom are less demanding than tiles, but too obvious unevenness can spoil the look of the room.

It's no secret that the bathroom almost always retains moisture, so the material for its finish should be chosen to be resistant to swelling and decay from the effects of water and steam.

installation of pvc panels in the bathroom
These requirements are fully met by panelsPVC for the bathroom. Made of plastic, they are well cleaned, easy to install, very durable. Can mimic any material due to applied to the front of the thinnest film coating. Most often, buyers choose imitation of a pattern of different types of wood. It creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Before starting the installation, mark the places where there will behang shelves, mirrors, lamps. There it is necessary to lay an additional crate for fixing. PVC panels for the bathroom are connected tightly. This effect is achieved through a lock joint. To prevent moisture from getting between the joints of panels, it is advisable to treat these areas with silicone sealant.

When buying panels, do not forget about the accessories forthem - corners, borders, moldings. They will need you at the final stage of the repair. PVC panels for the bathroom, photos of which you see in this article, are able to decorate the most nondescript room, make it more modern and comfortable.