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Bathroom decoration. Stages of repair

Repair of the bathroom, repair of the apartment as a whole -business is responsible. It does not allow oversights, which can lead to various unpleasant consequences in the form of cracks, untimely destruction of coatings, water leaks, which will entail additional cash costs.

Bathroom Finishing
If you decide to make repairs in the bathroom andhave already passed some first steps, then it is necessary to go to the end. Do not forget about the due approach, do not miss any trifles. Only high-quality repairs and, accordingly, the finishing of the bathroom, will guarantee the reliability and comfort in its operation.

Some will think: for which it is necessary to pay so much attention to a room in which people spend so little time, because this is a secondary matter? Maybe so, but the bathroom is a place where a person gets a charge of cheerfulness in the morning, resting in the evening. With this room we start the day, we finish it. That is why it is worthy of such attention - it is important for a person to feel comfortable.

repair of a bathroom
How does the bathroom finish? Sex is the most important and complex element, it should be smooth, non-slip and have waterproofing. It is the latter that pays more attention. Quality work will exclude the formation of dampness and the destruction of coatings. Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that the floor level should be lower than in the rest of the rooms, about eight centimeters. If this is not possible due to structural features, an eight-centimeter threshold should be made. After waterproofing works, you can start to floor the floor.

Piping and laying pipesresponsible moment. In this work, the following should be considered: Structuring the load-bearing walls should be avoided to avoid cracking, laying a cold water pipe without coating with a waterproofing material, otherwise it will lead to dampness. Be sure to conduct heat insulation of the hot water pipe, which will avoid its deformation and, accordingly, the destruction of the wall.

Light is given special attention. If you are not at odds with electricity, it is better to invite a specialist. The finishing of the bathroom, namely the installation of wiring, involves the use of a special cable for wet rooms. It is not permissible to install switches and sockets inside the bathroom. If this can not be avoided, then devices made of moisture-proof material should be used. When choosing lamps and lamps, one should be guided by their performance characteristics: they must be resistant to temperature changes and corrosion.

Bathroom design in the house
Finishing the bathroom, specifically walls,is the final stage. It is necessary to carry out preliminary work: removing the old coating, leveling the surface, including corners. Facing material, which can be found on the market, is very diverse in its palette and design. So picking up something that meets your requirements will be easy enough.

Do not forget about ventilation. This room assumes a high humidity, which leads to the formation of condensation on the walls and furniture, which destroys them.

An important role is played by the design of the bathroom in the house. If possible, you can invite a specialist. The designer will fulfill any wish taking into account the structural features of the premises and taste of the owners.