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Design room for a teenage girl - how should it be?

Thinking over the design of the room for a teenage girl,it is necessary to move away from stereotypes. Many believe that once a room for a girl, it must certainly be performed in pink tones. Firstly, not everyone likes pink color. Secondly, the predominance of this shade can badly affect the aesthetic taste of the child. If the girl is a fan of pink, then it must be skillfully applied and diluted.

design room for a teenage girl

Design room for girls

First of all, we select the color. It can be peach, beige, coral, green, blue, turquoise and so on. The choice in this case is not limited. Colors are best combined. So the room will get brighter and more interesting. White is the perfect base. He will make the room visually more and soften the extra colors and details. What color to prefer - your daughter will tell you.


Design a room foradolescent girls should be age-appropriate. In this case, the main place in the room may not be occupied by a bed. Perhaps your child is more attached to learning, reading or hobbies. But to begin with, we will stop on the bed. At this age, girls like to indulge in dreams and imagine themselves as princesses. This is most convenient to do, lying in a beautiful bed with a canopy. This accessory has become very popular lately. In a small room you can install a loft bed. Under it is convenient to place a desk and other interior items.

design room for girls


Design room for a teenage girl mustmust include a workplace. A comfortable desk and chair are selected according to the style of the room. For successful study, the child will need a computer. This must be taken into account when buying a table. In order to arrange books, notebooks and other accessories, the girl will need shelves and drawers. With their help it will be easier to maintain order in the room. You will also need a large, roomy closet. Girls love beautiful fashionable clothes. Usually it needs a lot. In the closet should be a place for hangers and a lot of shelves. In the future, you will teach the child how to properly place clothing on them.

interior of the room for girls

Special details

The interior of the room for girls mustbe equipped with a dressing table. All young beauties like to dress up. To do this, it is better to immediately allocate a special place. The table should not be large and cumbersome. Much more important is the presence of drawers in it. On the table can accommodate a mirror on the stand and a box with decorations. The rest will be taken care of by the child himself. If the size of the room allows, install the screen. It will serve not only as an ornament and original detail of the interior, but will also provide a place for dressing.


Identify, together with the girl, the place where she will beto read. Install additional light there. In this way, you keep your eyesight to the child. If your baby is addicted to something (drawing, music, embroidery, and so on), too, give her a special place for this.

Pleasant trifles

Design room for a teenage girl mustmust be supplemented with a small decor. Young girls like to decorate everything around them. It can be pictures in a quirky frame, cushions with decoration, pictures on the walls and so on.