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Phalaenopsis Orchids: Care and Features

How to prolong the beautiful and bright flowering of orchidsphalaenopsis, to enjoy its splendor as long as possible? Probably, this is the most common question of anyone who has got this exotic plant in the house. It would seem that everything is simple - water properly, and a long and abundant flowering is ensured. Actually this is not true. For the phalaenopsis orchid, nursing should be special, and it consists not only in the timely and competent moistening of the substrate.

phalaenopsis care

Phalaenopsis Orchid: Care, content

These are heat-loving plants, so the air temperature around them should not be lower than 18 degrees, except for the autumn period, in which the flower buds are laid.

In these 1-2 months, the permissible norm is 16 degrees, and the rest of the time the temperature comfortable for the plant varies from 22 to 24 degrees.

The orchid loves diffused light, but feels well enough in the back of the room under artificial lighting.

Despite the fact that it comes from the tropics, it is better not to put it on the windowsill under the scorching summer sun, otherwise the plant can get burned.

That is, the comfort zone is moderate lighting and the absence of drafts.

phalaenopsis, care, content

One of the main aspects of correct contentPhalaenopsis orchids - caring for them - is the constant maintenance of moisture around the plant, as excessively dry and hot air is harmful (for example, in winter on the windowsill above the battery) and threatens the appearance of pests.

Spraying should be very shallow so that waterfell on the leaves (the flowers can not) in the form of dust, and not drops that can slide into the core of the orchid, causing decay. You can regularly wipe the leaves with a clean damp cloth.

Despite the fact that the flower loves a constantexternal humidity, with roots the situation is somewhat different. You can water the orchid in two ways: to arrange a warm shower for 5-10 minutes, like tropical rains, or to dip the pot half in the water for the same time, so that the substrate is completely saturated with water. This needs to be done as the moisture evaporates completely, and the roots dry up, as overmoistening causes rotting of the roots and the appearance of fungus on the phalaenopsis orchid, the care for which provides one more principle: it is better to dry it than to waterlogge.

Phalaenopsis Orchid: diseases and pests

Just like other plants, orchids are susceptiblevarious diseases and the appearance of pests, among which: scutes, thrips, nematodes, mites, worms, etc. To prevent their occurrence, it is necessary to regularly wipe the leaves with a clean swab and once a month to shower.

phalaenopsis orchid disease

Quite often, the cause of the development of plant diseases is excessive moisture in the pot, because it is a favorable environment for pests.

If this or that disease is found out, it is necessary to process a special solution (in many cases, "Fitoverm" helps).

Sometimes it may be necessary to transplant a plant with the removal of roots and diseased leaves.

A prerequisite for the maintenance of phalaenopsis orchids is caring for her, love and respect for her. And then, be sure, she will respond with reciprocity, abundant and long flowering.