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Loft style in the interior of the premises. Main features

In the literal sense, "loft" is translated as"attic". This style originated in the US: it was there that the idea arose to use the upper floors of workshops and factories for workers' housing. Often, there settled and creative people - sculptors and artists. Well-lit spacious rooms attracted them the opportunity to organize their exhibitions here. The use of ancillary premises for housing led to the emergence of a new style, characterized by a special organization of space. So there was a loft in the interior. Today it is widely used in the design of a wide variety of premises, from standard apartments to penthouses.

loft in the interior
Loft in the interior. Zoning Space

Typically, an apartment in loft style representsThere is one large room. Separately, only a bathroom and a kitchen can be separated. There is no division into rooms, there are only certain zones. They can be fenced off from each other by screens, furniture or movable partitions. Usually the main space is zoned only with the help of a textured material or color. Welcome multi-level rooms, where the upper floors can accommodate private rooms.

Character traits

Style loft in the interior of the apartment assumesthe presence of high ceilings, huge windows, open pipes and columns - all that emphasizes the manufacturing past of this design direction. In the design of the premises preference is given to concrete and metal textures and surfaces. Typically, it uses cold colors: white, gray-blue or beige. Loft in the interior means an abundance of natural light, so curtains and tulleys are not the place.

style loft in the interior of the apartment

A soft corner is most rational to arrange notalong the wall, but in the center. Create a style of loft in the interior will help simple laconic furniture. However, when performing the zoning function, it should not excessively clutter the space. The interior design will successfully complement antiques and antiques. But they should not stand out from the general concept. It is very important that the objects are in harmony with each other. In the interior, an urban staircase leading to the sleeping area will perfectly fit.

Floor. Walls. Ceiling

As a floor covering, usuallyUsed tsiklevanny parquet or styling under it. Wall decoration - minimal. Brick masonry and ordinary plaster are welcome. Ceilings are an imitation of a rafter or beam structure. Often, the decor uses reinforced concrete or wooden elements.

Kitchen area

In the interior, she stands out very little space.As a rule, it is located in one of the corners of a spacious living room and is separated from the general space by a small bar counter. The kitchen set is quite simple, with a small number of drawers. All kinds of utensils and equipment are used in the minimum amount. That is why the loft in the interior of a small apartment is very popular today.

loft in the interior of a small apartment


Decorative elements should be prettyoriginal: advertising signs, graffiti, road signs, tablets with the name of streets, Chinese vases, ethnic elements - all this can be used in the interior of the loft.