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Hygienic shower in the toilet: compact and comfortable

Today it is rather difficult to find a person,who does not know the hygienic shower in the toilet. Its design initially assumes the presence of a small watering can and a flexible hose. Unlike the usual analog it has a compactness and a special shut-off valve, which is responsible for water supply. The kit also comes with a special wall mount, thanks to which it is possible to fix the device in a convenient place. With a combined bathroom with a toilet, a washbasin with a hygienic shower is immediately installed. In this case, there is protection from the possibility of flooding, since the device is attached to the washbasin itself.

Hygienic shower in the toilet
Many hygienic showers in the toilet, locatedon the wall, it seems not quite comfortable, so they buy toilet fixtures. Thanks to the special fastening, the holder is fixed directly on the plumbing. A wide range of devices allows you to purchase the most suitable option. Usually the watering can is made of metallized plastic or with chrome finish. In the latter case, the product becomes the most practical and versatile, because it can be used in almost any bathroom and toilet.

Washbasin with hygienic shower
If we take into account the relatively lowcost, simplicity of installation and wide functionality, which has a hygienic shower in the toilet, it is very difficult to find any obstacles to the purchase. Such a solution can be considered a worthy replacement for the traditional bidet, and many note its maximum convenience, since there is no need to move from one bowl to another. However, a classical device may have a convenient form for performing hygiene procedures, while a simple toilet bowl will not be very comfortable for this.

Sink for a hygienic shower
Nevertheless, it is not recommended to use a wall-mounted mixer, buta sink for a hygienic shower, because a large number of users forget to shut off water after all procedures. In this situation, there is a certain pressure in the watering can and the hose, so the device quickly breaks down. The presence of a sink with a suitable mixer makes it possible to exclude such a development of events. In addition, after releasing the button located on the handle, the water begins to flow through the spout. You can buy these products today without any problems in the departments or shops of sanitary ware.

By installing a hygienic shower in the toilet, do notwill have to think about global repair. You only need to buy materials, with which you can connect to the finished water pipe (this has nothing to do with the built-in mixer). It is not recommended to save on materials, as the consequences can be deplorable. It is best to purchase pipes made of metal-plastic, which have a small weight and ease of installation. If a built-in device for hygiene procedures is planned, then in any case it will be necessary to consider buying a small sink.