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How to make a wash basin from a plastic bottle with your own hands

It is very convenient when after working in the garden you canwash dirty hands in the yard, without going into the house. For these purposes, many buy a washbasin or a stationary outdoor sink. It is cost effective in a private home. If you have a cottage to which you arrive at most once a week, then it is more convenient to make a washbasin out of a plastic bottle with your own hands and adjust it on a vertical basis. The article describes in detail the methods of manufacture and the various versions of the conceived. It is easy and even for an inexperienced master.

plastic bottle wash basin

Simple and temporary option

Such a simple device can be installedeven in nature while relaxing with the whole family. You can hang this device on any branch of the tree away from the tent or bedding so that the flowing water does not form dirty puddles near the resting tourists. Washbasin from a plastic bottle with their own hands is easy to do. You need to have a 1.5- or 2-liter tank, a rope, a sharp knife and find a suitable place to put it.

First you need to rinse the bottle so that it isclean. Then cut the bottom with a sharp knife. The figure shows a completely cut off bottom, but you can cut it off not completely, leaving a narrow strip. Then you can cover the hole like a lid. In this case, leaves, dirt and insects will not fall from the tree into the container. The water will remain clean and you can wash the dishes from the washbasin with it.

From a plastic bottle with your own hands you needcut two round holes from the top, close to the cut. Stretching a rope through them, tie knots on both sides. For this thread hang the bottle down the neck on a suitable horizontal branch. Then water is poured.

To wash your hands, you will need to slightly unscrew the cap of the bottle, but so that the water flows in a thin stream. After the hand washing process is over, the cover is tightly screwed back.

Placement on the fence

Such a convenient plastic washbasinyou can do it yourself in the country, hanging it on the screws to the wooden fence. To prevent the cutting edge of the bottle from being sharp, it can be rubbed several times on the surface of a hot iron. The sharp part will melt and will not be able to injure. It will be possible to entrust the filling of the container even to the baby.

washbasin from a plastic bottle do it yourself photo

In order that the screw does not rust from constantcontact with water, it must be screwed on top. The photo shows that the master used a cap from another bottle for better adhesion. In order for the container to be in an upright position and water not to flow on the fence, you need to nail a small wooden bar just below the top. From the bottom you can make a soap box and adjust it next.

Multi-jet device

We offer you another optionmaking a sink from a plastic bottle with your own hands. A feature of this device is that the water from it flows in several streams. This sink can be used in the summer courtyard soul.

To make it you need to take a 5-literbottle and cut in the bottom of a large round hole. Through it in the future water will be drawn into the tank. As in the previous version, holes are made on the bottle from the top, and then you need to hang it on a rope.

 how to make a washbasin from a plastic bottle with your own hands

Several holes are drilled in the lid.like a shower. The only disadvantage of this option is that water cannot be stored in such a tank. It should be used immediately. When pouring water, hold the lid with your hand so that the liquid does not spill out of it. And hanging on the hook in the roof of the shower stall, immediately begin to wash.

Real washstand

The following is a very convenient option.making a sink from a plastic bottle with your own hands. In the photo below, you can see that this is a real washstand from which water does not flow at all. They can be used in the same way as the purchased version by pressing down on the stick below. Such devices are now installed in almost all trains.

Capacity can be used both small andvolume, on 6 liters. But you still have to cut a hole in the bottom so that air flows into the bottle. Otherwise, there will be no necessary pressure, and water will not begin to flow.

plastic bottle washbasin DIY manual

The only difficulty in this versionwashbasin will be preparing the lid. The photo is inserted into it purchased plastic pin designed for washstands. It is easy to find in the department of household goods. The product is already sold with a cap. If you could not find this device, do not despair. Its role can be performed by a simple medical syringe.

To do this, cut the part where it is inserted.needle. Get a cylinder-piston. A hole is cut into the cap into which the syringe will enter tightly. The retractable piston should hang down. When pressing on the valve water will flow. Naturally, you need to use a rubber gasket to keep the cylinder tight, and the water does not flow out of the cracks.

Washbasin of plastic bottles with their own hands

Step-by-step instructions for installing a device equipped with a crane:

1. Take the five-liter bottle and cut out a small round hole for pouring water.

2. In the bottom a small hole is drilled to the size of the sgon.

3. Rubber pads are put on both sides of it, and it is firmly fixed with nuts and washers.

4. After that, you need to install a faucet or stretch a sanitary hose to the place where it is more convenient to wash.

5. For a handle or brackets attach the bottle to the location: a tree, fence or post.

6. It remains only to fill the tank with water - and the sink is ready.

plastic bottle wash basin

Big tank

Before you make a plastic sinkbottles with your own hands, you need to think about where you will have it. In addition, it is important to know the estimated volume of water. If you only need to wash your hands, for example, after working in the garden, then you can use the options presented above bottles. Their volume is quite enough for your needs.

If there is a need for constantusing water in the country: washing hands, dishes, for cooking, it will be reasonable to install a large plastic tank with a faucet in the house itself. In such a tank is not necessary to often pour water. In addition, thanks to the crane it is very easy to use. Yes, and there is no need to constantly run into the yard to wash some fruit or a plate.

But for such a large tank you need to hang the holders on the wall, capable of supporting the weight of 25 liters of water. A sink with a sink should also be installed in a cesspool or in a large bucket.

When the preparatory work is done, you canMount the tap on the bottle cap. For this type of washbasin from a plastic bottle with your own hands, instructions for installing a tap can be found in the previous block. It is practically no different. The only additional tip: add a flax rope when installing the crane for better insulation of parts. Then the device will be tightly held in the container. There are special covers with ready-made cranes that will save you from the hassle of mounting.

washbasin from a plastic bottle do it yourself step by step instructions


When choosing a place to install a washbasinRemember that water with detergent should not leak to the roots of plants or trees. It will destroy them. In a place where water will flow, you can put a bucket for dirty water or dig a small hole for drainage.

Before you begin, remember that a cut bottle has sharp edges that can be seriously injured. Therefore, be careful, especially if there are little helpers nearby.