/ How to lay down the tile correctly. Ways of installation

How to lay down the tile correctly. Ways of installation

Soon the summer, and therefore, it's time to leave and,of course, repairs. Refresh the finish of the walls, whiten or tint ceilings, put tiles and so on - it's about time. Whitewashing and wallpaper stickers are quite simple technologically types of repair. A little different with the tile. Here there are some secrets and nuances. How to properly lay the tile, and consider later in this article.

how to lay a tile correctly
Those who have long been engaged independentlyrepair of own apartments, the technology of laying tiles does not cause any questions. However, many people can be called newcomers in this field. And the question of how to properly lay the tile, for them is quite relevant.

First, the tiles lie on the floor, and then on the walls. If for any reason you have to do the opposite, the lower row of wall tiles must be glued higher, so that under it you can then bring the floor tiles.

In the question of how to lay the tile,Preliminary treatment of the surface of the wall or floor is of primary importance. The walls are leveled with plaster. As for the floor, the tile is most often mounted on a concrete screed.

So, we begin laying the tiles on the floor. There are several ways of sticking.

  • Laying the seam in the seam.
  • Laying on the diagonal.
  • Masonry with displacement (tiles can be shifted by half or third).

how to lay a tile
There are more complicated methods of installation, for example,figured masonry. But it is better for beginners, of course, to take advantage of some simpler technology. In order to understand how correctly to lay the tile on the entire surface of the floor, first the first "lighthouse" tile is laid. If you put it wrong, all the masonry will then curve. So do it carefully, not hurrying. On the back of the tile is applied glue. Then it is pressed against the surface of the floor and gently taped with a hammer handle, so that the glue is evenly distributed throughout the surface.

Next you will need special plasticcrosses. They are installed at the edges of the glued tiles. This is done so that the seams between the tiles are of equal thickness, and the masonry, respectively, is even. After all the rows have been laid, proceed to the grouting of the seams. The mixture is diluted according to the instructions on the package and with a rubber spatula is applied to all seams. After drying, the remnants of the mixture on the tiles themselves are washed off with a damp sponge.

tiling in the bathroom
Next, consider how to lay down the tile correctlywalls. In principle, the process of laying on walls is similar to the process of installing on the floor. The only thing you need to do beforehand is to install a rail-level, which will serve as a support for the first row of tiles. If the floor is already tiled, it is not necessary. Each row of laid tiles is checked by level to horizontal.

Now we will consider, how correctly it is madetiling in the bathroom. The room is visually divided into zones - simple laying areas and those where installation can be difficult. In addition, those places where it will be necessary to insert decorative elements (mirrors on walls, shells, hangers, shelves) will be determined. Further, the tile is pasted according to the above technology.

As you can see, there is nothing particularly complicated in the installation of tiles. If you do the job carefully and carefully, the surface will be flat and look great.