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Corner aquarium: how to choose what to look for

Aquarium - an acquisition that has a large number of advantages. This and natural therapy in a small container, and a humidifier, and a means to relieve stress.

But its most important advantage is, of course.However, the ability to have the most unpretentious pets. Their care is minimal - to feed five times a week, add evaporated water, change a quarter of the aquarium water per month. But before the aquarist heals fun and without hassle, you need to work hard to arrange your own compact reservoir. The first question to decide is which type of aquarium to choose. And one of the answers will be exactly the aquarium, which will take a corner of the room.

Features angular aquarium

Of course, it is interesting to view photosaquariums located in spacious atriums, in the form of columns, partitions between rooms, as a bar counter. Alas, the realities of common housing conditions are such that you can only dream of arranging such a structure in them. However, if the desire to have a home aquarium is not appeased, you can consider the corner option.

The big advantage of a corner aquarium isits compactness in relation to the interior of the house. On the one hand, the review is not bad - you can see the water inhabitants in all its glory. On the other hand, the aquarium does not have a central place, a bulky pedestal stands in the corner and does not steal space.

Beautiful corner aquarium in the interior

Types of aquariums

As the main, you can select a simple formpanoramic aquarium in the form of a pentagon. From above, this form resembles a diamond. This is a simple aquarium: it can be glued together from plexiglass or glass, even in semi-handicraft enterprises. Gluing is made on silicone safe glue. Stitches can be both black and transparent. This budget option is quite affordable. If the task is to enter the aquarium in a limited space for a given size and inexpensive, it is better not to find a model.

Broken Glass Aquarium Corner

Display glass can be curved intohemispheres, do not have kinks. Under the order, this form of angular aquariums in Moscow, perhaps, will be manufactured, but in county towns it is unlikely. Similar models can be ordered from large firms. It requires durable glass reinforced thickness. The seams in such a product are additionally strengthened and reinforced.

There are more exotic options. For example, the front glass may have a magnifying effect, creating a kind of 3D image.

Also glass can have a more arbitrary shape, for example, waves, zigzags.

Accessories to the aquarium

In addition to buying an aquarium, you need to take care and"dowry" to it. And it will take a lot. Be sure to provide high-quality lighting. For fish, the light is not so important. They enjoy the gloom, in it they feel safe. But aquatic vegetation can not exist in the dark. At the same time, light is needed on every part of the surface. This is especially true for the angular type of aquariums, because it is easy to illuminate a rectangular area, but in the case of a triangle, areas with a greater proportion of shadow are inevitable. Place light-loving plants along the direction of the lamp, buy powerful lamps.

It is also necessary to provide a surface onwhich is located triangular capacity. It is more profitable to get a corner aquarium with a cabinet. This will protect from the selection of suitable in size furniture. In addition, specialized cabinets can be adjusted by level, have shelves for equipment, cable channels. This will create a more aesthetic appearance of the whole structure.

As a rule, the rest of the equipment (aerators, filters, thermometers, heating elements) is not tied to a specific shape of the tank and is suitable for any models of the aquarium.

Corner aquarium with a cabinet

Disadvantages of this form

Summarize the counter-arguments that may arise before buying a corner aquarium:

  • Other things being equal, aquariums of this form are more expensive and have a smaller range in stores.
  • As a rule, require the purchase of an appropriate cabinet for installation.
  • Simple and affordable aqua design will not work. It is necessary to decorate in accordance with the far corner.
  • If the equipment built into the cover is broken, the repair will also be much more expensive than for the classical form.
  • As a herbalist, this space is inconvenient due to uneven lighting.
  • In non-built-in rectangular aquariums, a review of the inhabitants of the aquarium is better than in a corner one.

How to choose a newbie aquarium

Frequent newcomer mistake in aquarism - startingwith too small volumes. In fact, a small amount of water will mean frequent changes, constant cleaning of the filter. In such a space it is impossible to create a balanced ecosystem. Therefore, if the choice is on a triangular bank, it is better to choose a corner aquarium with 200 liters or more. This will give scope both in terms of the use of large décor - stones, curtains, and in the choice of aquatic inhabitants.

Corner aquarium with mossy stones

It is also not necessary to stop the choice on too high containers (from 60 centimeters), the problem with lighting works here too - the plants will not take root.

Examples of aqua design in the corner space

Despite the difficulties that such a form causes, many inspiring examples can be found.

Marine Corner Aquarium

Typically, the composition is formed aroundlarge element - stone, snags, large coral, which occupies the far corner. After plants are planted around. The frontal area is not shaded, as this will complicate the review.

Unusual Corner Aquarium

Photos of angular aquariums, shown here, can be taken as a basis and create your own unique water world.