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Orchid: how to make this plant bloom in the home?

Orchids are rightfully the mostexotic of indoor plants. Not only their natural beauty attracts flower growers, but also some special properties. It is believed that an orchid can fill a room with positive energy and bring creative inspiration. Until recently, it was believed that it was almost impossible to grow an orchid at home. However, we managed to cope with this task: an exotic flower is a wonderful present today and for a long time it pleases its blossom with the one to whom it was presented. But another question posed to the lovers of indoor plants orchid: how to make this wonderful miracle bloom?

orchid how to make a flower
Everything has its time: flowering too

Before talking about the conditions thatit is necessary to create an orchid for flowering, recall that this flower begins to blossom, only reaching the age of one and a half to two years. Age of the plant can be determined by the leaves. Flowers will appear for the first time, when the orchid will have five or six adult leaves. But this will happen only when she is provided with proper care.

Orchid: how to make this plant bloom

A pot for an orchid should be chosen plastic, tothe same low and wide, and still transparent. First of all, this is due to the fact that the process of photosynthesis in an orchid performs roots. Secondly, such a container provides the plant with the best drainage. Soil for planting is desirable to buy in the store, a specialized substrate.

Although the plant is hygrophilous, water it toooften not worth it. It is necessary to watch for when the soil dries up, and then water the orchid with water, the temperature of which should be at least 18 degrees, and best of all - 30-35 ° C. Next to the flower it is desirable to place a container with water for evaporation, or periodically spray next to the orchid water from the atomizer.

The plant feels comfortable at a daytime temperature of 20-24 ° C, but at night it should be 4-5 degrees colder.

So, it seems the conditions are created, but the desired effect is not there. This orchid, how to make it bloom?

flower spike in orchid
A few more tips

Orchids are photophilous, however for different speciesthe need for light intensity can be different. Therefore, if there are problems with flowering, it is necessary to study varieties of orchids to clarify what intensity of light is needed for a particular species. Perhaps, it is only necessary to rearrange the flower to another window sill, and maybe you should buy a special fluorescent lamp, and then the orchid will blossom.

Do not forget about fertilizers for orchids.They are able both to slow the period of vegetation, and to accelerate it. Braking the development of flowers a large amount of nitrogen, but fertilizers with phosphorus and potassium, on the contrary, stimulate the placement of stems and the formation of flowers.

"Shock therapy" for orchids

It would seem that all means have been tried, but to blossomshe still does not want to. What to do with an orchid? Apply "shock therapy". This means that she needs to create dramatic changes in the conditions of care. A jump in air temperature, for example, can help. At night, the plant is taken to a room with a temperature of no higher than 19 degrees, and in the afternoon it is placed in a warm room. Or it is worth stopping sharply to water it, because the habitual habitat of the orchids is the tropics, and there as unexpectedly a lot of precipitation may fall, so the drought can also be established.

what to do with an orchid
Experienced growers are advised to use a hot shower.Do this: put the plant in a bath and pour it for about a minute with warm water (+35 ° C). There is an abundant release of moisture through the leaves and a large sip through the roots. A week later, the orchid releases young leaves and flower stalks.

If you follow all of the above tips, you will probably wake up your orchid. How to make this plant bloom will not be a problem anymore.

True, there may be some beginnersflower growers one more question. When the flowering is over, is it necessary to trim the flower stem in an orchid? It is advised not to rush with pruning, as the flower can still develop further and release new inflorescences. The flower-bud can be cut off when it completely withers.