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Black orchids

Today, no one has any doubt that blacksorchids exist. They can be bought at a store selling flowers and ornamental plants. Hundreds of years they wanted to breed breeders, so many varieties of orchids have black marks on the petals. These include such famous varieties as the Mukonosny Office or Dracula's Cut. But passionate collectors are eager to get Ecuadorian beauty, the so-called Vampire Dracula. Black orchids of this variety are wonderful! This flower completely corresponds to the typical genre of mythical descriptions. True, today it is often sold in good nurseries.

Black orchids

What is so attractive to Dracula vampire?

First, in a slightly frightening way, whicharises while admiring the flower. The black orchids of this kind of poet were nicknamed "chimera". And this is true! Because his black, red-tipped petals resemble the draining blood on the vampire's robes.

Secondly, a rich color and elegant in shape petals.

And, thirdly, black orchids possessstriking fragility. The appearance of this wonderful flower hypnotizes, generates charming fantasies and the desire to protect this crystal in appearance and delicate beauty.

Varieties of orchids
He reached the height of thirty centimeters, thisthe plant dissolves an inflorescence 20 cm long, which consists of several flowers. Each flower is very large. Its appearance is rather sinister. The size of one flower is 3X2 cm Vampire Dracula. If a plant creates favorable conditions, then it can blossom without a break all year round. Looking at this amazing beauty, many immediately ask the question: "How to grow orchids of this variety?"

In general, this will require a certainhumidity, correct shading of the plant, the minimum temperature in the room is not lower than 10 degrees, the sod, composed of compost, obtained from wood bark.

To grow black orchids is preferable in a wicker basket with obligatory top dressing with liquid mixtures.

To tame the "black tropikanka", with great difficultyobeying people, is very difficult, but possible. For this, having bought an orchid in a store, it is necessary, first of all, to examine the condition of the roots. The fact is that to give a presentation in a store, plants are often watered. Excess moisture for orchids is fatal. Humid air they adore, but the swamp in the roots - no.

How to grow orchids
Florists to control the condition of the rootsinvented them in plastic transparent containers with convenient apertures for airing the substrate. Here the whole root is clearly visible. Substrate for a non-flowering plant is better to change. To do this, take the boiled pine bark or coconut rind and add a piece of charcoal. If the rootlet is injured during the transplant, then this place should be sprinkled with ground cinnamon or pounded tablets of activated charcoal.

The transplanted plant must often be sprayed andvery rarely watered. The orchids can not endure a direct sun, but they love it when they are surrounded by a bright environment. A lack of light or direct sunlight equally affects it negatively. And inexperienced growers take it for lack of moisture. Thus, the plant, unsatisfied with the situation, is dying from excessive watering.