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Why is the leaf turning yellow at the orchid? What is the cause and how to deal with it?

Orchid - today the most popular plant for lovers of indoor floriculture. And this is understandable, because her flowers combine both tenderness and proud splendor.

why the leaf turns yellow at an orchid
But, unfortunately, plants are also sick, and the causesdiseases are different. Why is the leaf turning yellow at the orchid? This is the most common question, especially often they are asked by beginning florists. There can be several reasons. And you need to disassemble each of them so that your plant always remains healthy.

If you notice the first signs of the disease, thenthe main thing is to determine why the leaf turns yellow at the orchid. One of the reasons is insufficient lighting. In this case, the sheet begins to turn yellow at the very base and subsequently disappears. I must say that such damage is dangerous for the plant. After all, the base of the leaf dries and part of the stem under it. It is necessary to cut the entire damaged leaf and examine the stem itself. It should be green. If it is brown or black, then all the same it is necessary to cut off the whole top of the plant. Only this will stop the damage to the rest of the flower of the flower. Restoring it will depend on the amount of healthy tissue left. The more it remains, the faster the orchid will recover.

Fungal disease is another reason why the leaf turns yellow in an orchid. This is due to improper irrigation, or rather, due to stagnation of water in the roots of the plant.

orchid phalaenopsis why leaves turn yellow
You should know that the substrate in which it growsyour flower, should easily pass water through yourself and in no case delay it. Otherwise, the orchids will start to turn yellow and fall off leaves one after another. Of course, it affects not only the leaf, but also the stem, and roots. The first thing to do is to dry the orchid. To do this, it is freed from the substrate, the affected roots are necessarily removed. And with bare roots it should be left to dry. Simultaneously, the plant is treated with antifungal agents (fungicides). Then the flower is planted in a new pot with a fresh substrate.

If the leaves turn yellow at phalaenopsis orchids, then,perhaps its roots are "clogged" in the pots. It will be enough to remove the pots, replace the substrate and plant the plant in a plastic pot with large holes on the bottom. It is desirable that the pot was transparent, then it is very clearly visible, in what condition are the roots of the orchid.

yellow leaves in phalaenopsis orchid
Also do not forget that the flowers are like livingcreatures. And the death of leaves in them can occur for natural reasons. It's just that the leaf has ended its life cycle, and every kind of orchid has it differently. Some have 5 years, others have 3 years, and others only after a year. In addition, there are still reasons why the leaf turns yellow at the orchid. This may indicate a lack of potassium and iron. Therefore, from time to time the plant should be fed with fertilizers with a high content of both elements. In this case, the water should be used filtered or at least stagnant.

At home, most often grownphalaenopsis orchid. Why the leaves turn yellow, and how to avoid it, is probably already understandable. Do not allow water to reach the base of the sheet. These orchids are watered by immersion in water. Do this enough once a week. From time to time, change the substrate. And do not forget that the plant should be in a bright room, but not under the direct rays of the sun.