/ How to disassemble the faucet in the kitchen or in the bathroom?

How to disassemble the faucet in the kitchen or in the bathroom?

Any host can face a breakdownmixer, so everyone should know how to disassemble the tap. This is the only way out to identify and fix the existing defects. Anyone who does not even have a relationship with plumbing can take care of the mixer.

First, you need to prepare the necessaryinstruments. Take a wrench, a few screwdrivers (including a flat-blade screwdriver), pliers and pre-purchased rubber gaskets. Be sure to shut off the water supply and get to work.

How to disassemble the faucet (mixer)?

The device of a spherical mixer

Before you understand how to disassemble a ball valve, you need to know about its device.

The reliability and durability of the work of the namedmixer provides a ceramic non-separable cartridge. Seals in the design are missing - this is due to the accuracy of the located parts. The classic ball valve consists of:

  • plugs;
  • stock;
  • screw;
  • adjustment ring;
  • a rubber seat;
  • hollow ball (necessary for mixing water);
  • aerator;
  • water inlet;
  • steam and regulating cuff;
  • ball shell.

How to disassemble a crane

Analysis of the ball mixer

So, how to disassemble the ball valve?In order to dismantle the lever of the single lever mixer, remove the decorative cover and unscrew the screw that is located directly below it. Do not be afraid to use force: in most cases, the screw is securely fixed. Some models may have a lever on the rod, then you do not need to untwist, just move the lever to the top position and everything will be easily removed.

After you remove the lever, open the coverthe body of the crane. You will see a thread on it. Take the screwdriver and remove the cover. If you did everything correctly, the clamping nut appears. Take the wrench by picking the correct diameter. Unscrew the nut to expose the cartridge. It contains a ball, under which there is a rubber gasket. Crane failure occurs due to its deformation and wear. To fix the problem, you need to replace this item.

The device two-ventilated mixer

Currently, you can purchase two typestwo-valve crane. The first contains the crane-axle as an elastic gasket. The second has a locking mechanism, which acts ceramic plate. Disassemble the bathroom faucet is not difficult in both cases. The two-valve mixer, in addition, is equipped with:

  • aerator-spray of water;
  • spout-spout;
  • body and mount.

How to disassemble the faucet in the kitchen?

Dismantling the two-ventilated mixer

Are you interested in how to disassemble a faucet that has several valves? The design of this mixer is simple, so you can easily cope with this task.

First, remove the plugs on the faucets.After you have removed them, you can see the screws. Remove them with a screwdriver. You will see rubber gaskets, but to understand in appearance, whether they are damaged, is quite difficult. Most likely, they need to be replaced or twisted all the connections so that the crane does not hang.

Another reason for the unstable operation of the mixer -formed on it scum. To remove it, use a flat-blade screwdriver. A similar method, by the way, is used in disassembling a ball valve with two levers.

Single lever mixer system

Different devices can be equippedceramic or spherical cartridges. In the first case, the model will be equipped with a hollow ball, in the second - two tightly ground ceramic washers, displaced when the handle is turned. It is thanks to this that water is mixed and delivered directly. The complete set of such crane includes:

  • the body;
  • cap;
  • rotary handle;
  • mechanical cleaning cartridge of the replacement type;
  • gaskets.

How to disassemble a crane with one handle?

Single-lever mixer

To understand how to disassemble a crane with a single handle,you just need to use our advice. Such mixers have a core and a hollow ball made of stainless steel. The ball is equipped with three holes: two of them supply liquid, and one takes it out into the pipe. The device is located in the ball sleeve, in which the rubber seats are located. Water creates pressure, the ball with the seats tightly contacts, resulting in the device moving. The pressure change and the fluid supply are controlled by this particular element.

The described mechanism can not be repaired ifthere was a breakdown, most likely, you will have to replace the mixer. It is only possible to eliminate the weakening of the jet at the outlet, which is due to the clogging of the aerator. For this, we also need a crane analysis.

First unscrew the nut that is in thethe most out of the tap. Remove the mesh, blow it and rinse well. Then put it back and screw on the nut. Now you know how to disassemble a single-lever crane.

Nuances of parsing mixers

Plumbing stores offer us a wide choicevarious modern models of faucets that are installed in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Some of them can be equipped with a timer or sensitive details. So, how to disassemble the faucet in the kitchen or in the bathroom in another way:

  1. Turn off the electricity with water.
  2. Get rid of the lid, which is needed to fix the batteries.
  3. Disconnect the sensor wire from the control panel.
  4. Remove the gasket (it can be found between the control box and the mixing tube).
  5. Remove all nipples, remove springs and clamps. The same should be done when analyzing products with a thermostat and a timer.
  6. If you are sure that everything was done right,proceed to repair. If the problem is in the control unit, the best solution is to consult specialists - inside the unit there may be fragile parts that can easily be damaged.

Disassemble the bathroom faucet

Helpful Tips

Single lever mixers can boast a long service life. If you want to buy the right option or increase the crane operating time, follow the following tips.

  • If you selected a tap with a cartridge, remove the old drive before purchasing. This will save you from problems with the product exchange: the cartridges are different, and therefore you can mix up the dimensions.
  • While repairing the ball mixer, seal each threaded connection with a PTFE tape. Before analyzing, get a thread sealant in the cassettes.
  • Get the products of proven firms.
  • For preventive maintenance, change the gaskets and cartridges.
  • Install high quality filters on the pipes.
  • When cleaning the mixer, select the product in the form of a gel or cream. A powder intended for metal can also be used.
  • Do not use brushes made of metal or alkaline or acetic based products.

How to disassemble the faucet in the bathroom?

Setting the mixer

Now you know how to disassemble the tap.The mixer should be installed back after necessary repairs. To do this, you will need a Phillips screwdriver, a level, a wrench, a tape measure and a mounting kit. If the mixer has a hard fit, it must have eccentrics in order to adjust the landing distance between the nozzles. If the flexible hoses in the metal shell were attached to the tap, you do not need to count anything.

Before tightening the nuts, lubricateinternal threads with petroleum jelly for technical needs. Twist the nuts slowly, carefully, use your hands - good quality parts should be easy to succumb. After that you can use the key (but not more than 2-3 turns). When installing the crane, you can use the level - make sure that the product is installed exactly, without distortions, otherwise the crane body may crack.

Check that each threaded connection iswrapped with a sealant and that the tape was wound exactly on the thread. After you install the tap, start the water and check the connection to prevent leakage. If you find it, do not worry, but try again. Turn off the water and replace the seals.

How do I disassemble the ball valve?

Like any sanitary ware, the mixer may become unusable with time. Do not rush to throw it away and buy a new one, first disassemble the crane and determine the cause of the failure.

Hopefully, we helped you understand how to disassemble the faucet in the bathroom or in the kitchen, and now you can easily do it.