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Secrets of gardening: a transplant of roses in autumn

transplant of roses in autumn

In regions where the winter is mild and there are no strongfrost, the transplant of roses in autumn is much more effective than spring. But if flowers are grown for cutting, then in autumn it is recommended to make a bookmark of the plantation. But the roses are planted in the early spring, so that the bush has twice folded in one season. Also, spring transplantation perfectly suits stem roses. Spring cuttings planted in the open ground at the end of March, take root much worse, the percentage of survival of seedlings is much lower than in autumn, but these cuttings become much more adapted to the first winter and with proper shelter rarely freeze. This is because their root system develops well in the summer. But in those areas where winters are mild, the best time for transplanting roses is, of course, autumn.

autumn transplant of roses

In the autumn, plants are planted in an opensoil from the second decade of September to the middle of October. It is not recommended to transplant roses in an earlier period. This is very unfavorable for seedlings, because due to warm days and nights, the sleeping buds can become active in the plant. This is very dangerous due to the fact that the first light frosts will kill them. Transplanting roses in autumn should not be carried out in a later period, since before the arrival of minus temperature the plant must be in time to take root. Otherwise, it will also suffer in the winter from frost.

Of course, it is important that the seedlings are healthy andstrong. The most effective transplantation of roses in autumn implies the advance harvesting of planting material. The seedlings must have branched roots, it is better that there should be at least three shoots, while on their stems the presence of dark spots or other signs of injury is unacceptable. One day before planting, all the inoculum is soaked in water. All leaves are removed from the shoots. A sharp pruning shear cuts all broken, unhealed and dead shoots. All seedlings are disinfected by spraying, for this use a three percent iron sulphate.

time of transplanting roses
If the autumn transplantation of roses is carried out incold northern regions, the bushes are placed further apart. This is done to make the soil warmer. In addition, this arrangement contributes to a better aeration of landings. At the same time the risk of defeats of roses by fungal infections is markedly reduced. It is also worth noting that in autumn it is necessary to plant plants a little deeper than they were planted in greenhouses. This excludes the possibility of extinction of seedlings in severe frosts. If we talk about clinging kinds of roses, then they are buried even deeper, so that the plant has additional roots.

So, the transplant of roses in autumn is carried outin the following way. Roots are evenly distributed at the bottom of the landing pit and neatly covered with pre-prepared, enriched with mineral and organic substances soil. It is necessary that the earth is closely adhered to the roots of the plant and do not form air pockets. After planting, the plant is watered abundantly. Under one bush it is necessary to pour at least 2 buckets of water. Then, next to the hole, a small layer of dry soil is poured and convenient irrigation ditches are formed. It is recommended to mulch the plant to a height of 20 cm with peat or sand.