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Mosaic made of broken tiles, laid out with your own hands

A creative person will not look atthen, as materials disappear into the scrap, which can be given a second life. For example, you can get a beautiful mosaic of broken tiles, hand-built on walls, paths, benches and pedestals.

mosaic of broken tiles

The easiest way

You can use both the immediate residuesbuilding tiles, as well as pieces of colored glass or fragments of ceramic dishes. If necessary, clear glass makes sense to paint on the inside with colored varnish or acrylic paint. The mosaic of broken tiles with their own hands is laid out in two ways. This may be a chaotic arrangement of the fragments. In this case, the main thing is to select pieces of different size and different in color. If the artist wants to get the most variegated version of the mosaic, then the colors of the pieces of the tile or glass fragments should be as varied as possible. If the mosaic of broken tiles is planned in more soothing tones, you can paint with your own hands or pick up details of approximately the same color, slightly different in shades. The glue for fixing the pieces is used the same as when using ordinary tiles. After pasting the entire area, grout the joints.

The second option is artistic mosaic

 ceramic mosaic with own hands

People with talent can affordto make a real picture, a picture. To do this, you must first determine with a specific image, pick the right amount of fragments of a particular color. Ceramic mosaic, laid out in the bathroom in the kitchen, can become a wonderful decoration. It can decorate columns, countertops. They also use it in the courtyard decoration: lay out tracks, pools, benches, garbage cans. This method is more like drawing pictures with paints. Mosaic made of broken tiles, created by their own hands, can become a real masterpiece of art and give the interior and landscape a unique charm and luxury. Here, a person can realize his creative potential, express practically his ideas.

How to achieve the most accurate reproduction of the panel

tiles with their own hands

For this it is recommended to use a template -a picture on paper painted in colors. The image should be a life-size, one to one. It is on it, directly on the drawing, it is necessary to glue the mosaic with usual glue, for example, paste, the front side to the drawing. After drying, the back side is covered with a tile adhesive, applied to the surface to be decorated. Then the paper with the pattern is washed off with warm water. This method helps to achieve the exceptional accuracy of reproduction of the desired image.

Basic rules for laying out a mosaic

  1. When working, it is necessary to take the adhesive in the optimum amount, the excess must be removed.
  2. Fragments of tiles and colored glass should not touch each other, so that there are seams between them.
  3. The principle of working with mosaic is practically notdiffers from the way the usual one-piece tiles fit themselves: it is necessary to observe the level of laying above the wall, which should be the same throughout the area.