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Warm film floor: reviews and application technology

Modern man, in any case, reaches for comfort. Even buying a house somewhere in a remote area, he will do everything to make it as comfortable as possible.

warm floor film reviews
To achieve this effect is often usedwarm floor film. Reviews say that at its low cost and availability, the technology allows you to forget about the painful morning wake-ups, which are connected with the need to get up on the ice floor near the bed.

What it is?

For many of our compatriots systemsheating flooring and to this day remain exclusively "a toy for the rich." This attitude is largely due to the fact that the cost of traditionally used schemes, which presuppose the presence of a concrete screed and pipes for carrying coolant, is quite large.

But the warm floor film, reviews of which are often positive, free from this drawback. In fact, it is a film of a special polymer, into which the heating elements are rolled up.

Naturally, with such a simple technologyproduction, as well as due to the fact that the film can be easily laid even under the laminate, there are enough loyal fans of this method. In any case, infrared film warm floor, reviews of which we consider below, now there are almost every third city apartment.

film warm floor caleo reviews


Those who used the arrangement of the apartmentIt is IR film (as it is called), they note the incredible ease of installation. So, they can be laid on almost unprepared surface. Of course, before that, you should still remove all sorts of nails and other protruding parts.

In addition, a warm floor film, reviews ofwhich we are considering, does not affect the level of the floor. Simply put, the minimum thickness of a concrete screed for a underfloor heating system is at least ten centimeters. Accordingly, in the same old "Khrushchev" installation of such a system will lead to the fact that due to the low ceilings in the room will be uncomfortable to be.

Do you need any documents?

If you ever dealt with the installation of "water"you may be aware of the need to coordinate all phases of the installation with the local administration. Yes, and reviews of people who put them, say that the neighbors from the lower floors are not happy with getting another potential reason for flooding over their heads.

infrared film warm floor reviews
If you take a warm floor film, reviews indicate the absence of any restrictions. You do not have to run on dozens of various instances, and you will not spoil relations with your neighbors.

What floor coverings to use?

If you carefully read the article, you canrecall the mention of laminate. But you can not only put this material! So, linoleum, parquet board, tile and other coatings, which only you will find in the hardware store near you, will be fine.

Speaking of the most popular manufacturers,It should be noted Caleo film warm floor: reviews emphasize that finding products with the best price-quality ratio will not be easy for you. In short, this is just a great choice!