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How to choose a washbasin with a curbstone?

It's no secret that the sink is one ofThe most important elements in every bathroom. A modern bath cannot be imagined without a washstand. And now this sanitary ware, in addition to its direct function, plays an important role in the interior design of the entire room. Fifteen to twenty years ago the choice of plumbing and furniture for the house was very poor. But at the moment everything has changed dramatically - plumbing stores offer the buyer a huge number of different models of sinks, both foreign and domestic production. Therefore, their choice should be taken with complete seriousness. In this article we will tell you what sinks exist for the bathroom cabinet, and note their advantages.


Washbasin: the main features

Among the huge range of products washbasin withthe cabinet has a special place. Its main advantage is the possibility of rational use of free space. This version of the washstand is perfect for those who live in panel high-rise buildings and dormitories of the Soviet era. When on several square meters you need to place at the same time a bath, drawers for clothes, a washing machine, a nightstand with household chemicals and many other attributes, then a washbasin with a stand will allow to solve all these problems once and for all. But if you are the owner of a spacious private house or cottage, you should not immediately delete this option, because it is great even for the largest bathrooms. A dresser will help to hide the metal pipes and also fits perfectly into your interior. Always remember that washbasin with a cabinet for giving is an excellent choice.

Sink with a two-door curbstone

bathroom cabinets

Today it is the most popular option.shells. Such a great popularity is explained by the more compact and at the same time capacious design of the washbasin. This version of the washstand allows you to hide all the disadvantages of the bathroom, namely, water pipes that do not emphasize the beauty of your interior. Unlike the first option, two-door structures have more all kinds of drawers and shelves. Every hostess will be happy with such capacity. “There is always a choice,” say plumbing stores. And indeed, to find a suitable model for your home or apartment will not be difficult. Now the stores are the shells of all sizes. This can be either a mini washbasin with a bottom cabinet or a double version with a two-door pedestal.

Wall mounted washbasin

This is the most versatile version of washstands. This type fits perfectly into any interior room. With a hanging sink, you can visually increase the free space in your bathroom. With it, any room will look more voluminous and beautiful.

washbasin with cabinet for garden

So, we figured out all the subtleties and features of the most popular washstands with pedestals. Based on this, we can safely say that you will not have any difficulties with choosing the right furniture.