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How to plant orchids by the way of division, cuttings and with the help of "children"

Every lover of orchids will tell you that this is the mostbeautiful and expensive flower. But, in addition, it requires special care, and any florist wants to multiply his pet to get a few new bushes.

how to plant orchids
Orchids can be propagated in several ways, andeach one is available at home. Consider how to plant orchids by the way of division, cuttings and by means of "children". And a little tell how you can grow an orchid from seeds.

How to plant orchids by dividing

This method is one of the simplest methodsmultiplication, which is used for plants that are sympodially growing. The division method is suitable for plants such as cymbidium, cattleya, lelium, dendrobium, oncidium and so on. These flowers have several growth points, and each such boring gradually thickens and becomes pseudobulb, which means that the plant can be multiplied. But the main condition is the presence of several sprouts. The plant should be divided so that on each part of it there are 2-3 pseudobulbs. In this way, it is better to propagate an orchid in the beginning of spring. First you need to carefully clean the rhizome carefully from the substrate and cut the flower into several pieces with a pruner. Handle each section with wood powder. In pre-prepared pots, plant all the fragments of the plant, sprinkle them daily and water from time to time. With the advent of new shoots, we can say that the orchid has taken root.

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How to arrange orchids by the method of cuttings

This method should be used to propagate plants withmonopodial form of growth. Such orchids include vanda, phalaenopsis, vanilla, brassavola, vandopsis, asco-center, angrekum, aeridis. These species do not have pseudobulbs, they have only one growth point. From the plant cut off the side shoot or the faded floral stem, then they must be put on the surface of the soil. To do this, use simple sand or sphagnum moss. Then put everything in the greenhouse for rooting.

How to plant orchids with the help of "children"

"Children" are side shoots, which are alreadythemselves are small plants. But this method of reproduction is only available to several species of dendrobium and phalaenopsis. And there are "babes" only provided that the orchids are in a room with a sufficiently high temperature. It is possible to stimulate the appearance of "children" in the plant, for this it should be fertilized with fertilizer with a large content of nitrogen.

the most beautiful and expensive flower
And when you notice the appearance of these shoots,start orchid often sprinkle with water. After the sprouting leaves roots, it is carefully separated and planted in a separate pot, and the cut on the old plant is treated with charcoal powder.

How to grow an orchid from seeds

Of course, all of the above methods of reproductionOrchids are good, but in this way you get only the types you already have. But you want diversity, besides the orchid is an excellent gift. Flowers from the bouquet will still wither, and your gift will please the landlady for more than one year. Therefore, it is worth trying to grow orchids from seeds. Take a pot, fill it with chopped sphagnum, moisturize it well and sow seeds from above, you do not need to sprinkle them. Then put the pot in a sack-hothouse, the temperature should be 23-25 ​​° C. As the surface dries, sprinkle with warm water. As soon as the leaflets appear on the seedling, they are dived into a bowl with a mixture of chopped peat and moss. When the plant appears four leaves, it should be transplanted into a separate pot.

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