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Linoleum for tiles suitable for any interior

For many years, linoleum remains the mostdemanded floor covering. Despite the huge selection of new modern high-tech materials, it is still popular with Russian consumers.

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Linoleum for tiles is optimalmaterial. It has proven itself in both classical and modern kitchen design. Especially buyers are attracted by its amazing ability to visually expand the space and make it spacious.

It is very important that the linoleum for the kitchen under the tile,as a rule, has a neutral color. This allows you to emphasize the interior not on the device floor, but on furniture and accessories. Many, probably, it may seem that modern design, which involves linoleum under the tile, is too boring and somewhat monotonous. This is far from the case. Today, everyone can choose such material taking into account their own taste and preferences. For example, it can be a picture of a tile imitating a natural stone, and also the coating can be just matte.

Despite the fact that the ceramic tile lookson the kitchen floor is very impressive, this floor has some disadvantages: it is cool enough, besides, if it is wet, it can easily slip. Such a tile is much more expensive than linoleum, and with improper laying it can quickly fail.

Linoleum under the tile allows you to combine the attractiveness of natural material and get rid of its shortcomings. What are its obvious advantages?

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Modern linoleum under the tile (photo you see inthis article) in comparison with the samples of the past years is distinguished by excellent technical characteristics - high color fastness, durability, special coatings that make it non-slip even when wet.

It should be noted: what we now call linoleum is PVC flooring. True linoleum is made of high quality natural raw materials - wood tar, linseed oil, limestone powder and jute fabric. This coverage is really expensive, and you can not buy it in every (even a large) construction supermarket. The material for the floor to which we are accustomed is artificial.

There are three types of PVC coatings - commercial, semi-commercial and household. For household use, linoleum is most suitable. It is represented by a huge selection of colors.

In addition, in recent years, often began to use semi-commercial linoleum under the tile. It is more durable than household, and therefore has a longer service life.

The floor in the kitchen requires additional, reinforcedantibacterial protection. Artificial linoleum under the tile is treated with a special substance that protects it from the harmful effects of microbes. This layer, according to the producers, prevents the reproduction of microbes and protects your household from various diseases.

Some samples of good PVC linoleum are treated with an antifungal formulation, but it should be noted that over time these properties are significantly weakened.

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Choosing linoleum for the kitchen, pay attention to its width. Try to purchase a cover of this size so that you can do without extra seams.