/ How to lay the paving slab at the dacha with your own hands?

How to lay sidewalk tiles in the country with their own hands?

Sidewalk tiles - an excellent solution for creating durable and beautiful paths on your site. So let's find out how to lay the paving slab at the dacha.

how to lay a sidewalk tile in the country

Before you proceed directly towork, you should decide on the choice of the tiles. First, it is better to take a rough tile. This will save you from falling in the winter. Secondly, during the purchase you need to know the maximum load that tiles can withstand. If you are going to lay this building element in the place where the car will be parked, then the load-carrying capacity should be given the highest priority.

Preparatory work

Before laying the paving slab ondacha, it is necessary to determine the place. It is advisable to enclose it from the rest of the site (for example, using a pair of pegs and a rope stretched between them). Next, prepare the ground - remove the old covering and tear out the sod at a depth of 10-15 cm. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the sink system. Water can leak into the gaps between the tiles, or flow down the edges of the path. In the second case it is necessary to make special gradients.

Laying tiles

how to lay sidewalk tiles correctly

If the decision about a place is already taken, thenimmediately raises the question of how to properly lay the paving slab. Now you need to set up your markup. The thread needs to be lifted 5-7 cm from the base. This will be needed to fill the sand. To fall asleep it should be damped with water from the hose along the way. With positive weather conditions, after a few (3-4) hours, you can begin rolling and leveling the surface, both with the help of special tools, and with the help of improvised tools. Then you can go to the main one.

Namely, to the solution of the question of how to stackpaving slab in the country. First you need to mix sand and cement (3 to 1) and fill in the mixture with the prepared track (3-4 cm). Do not forget to level the mixture with rakes. After that you can start spreading the first row of tiles. At this point, you should answer the question of where it is best to start laying. You should start from some stop (curb / threshold / stairs). The next rows are laid from ourselves, not forgetting to equalize the previous one. Be careful - do not step on the cement mixture.

Pending the result

how to lay a sidewalk tile correctly

Well, if you do not already know how to correctlylay the paving slab, but want to do it qualitatively and beautifully, then it is worth treating the whole process with a special fault-finding. After the laying is finished, do not be lazy, take a look at the result and make sure there are no irregularities. Ideally, at the top of the tile you need to go through the tamping tool once more.

And the last advice on how to packpaving slab in the country. On the finished path, you should pour the remaining cement slurry and place it in such a way that it fills all the seams (you need to water it again). On this review can be considered complete. Remember that without accuracy you will not get a beautiful result. Good luck to you in the whole construction process!