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Roof installations: manufacturing, installation and user reviews

Signboards, trolls, billboards, press waves, streamers- outdoor advertising catches eye on every corner. Wherever you go - in a store or office, in a cafe or bank - it's everywhere. Outdoor advertising is expressed in various forms and forms. It allows you to convey the right information to the target audience.

roof installation

Roof installation - what is it?

However, the ordinary and ugly "urbanornaments "today no longer" cling "to potential buyers. And their attention is what any manufacturer or implementer fights for. After all, as you know, advertising - the engine of progress, and therefore managers of advertising agencies are all trying to find new ways to attract customers' attention to the product being promoted.

Roof installations - direct descendants of medievaloutdoor signage, still unaccustomed and therefore interesting to the consumer. As the name suggests, the installation is therefore roof mounted, which is installed on the roofs of buildings.

], the manufacture of roof installations

They have an undeniable advantage overother types of outdoor advertising. First of all - reaching out to a potential audience, because at the height where they are located, it's easy to notice a large installation. Especially at night, when roof structures (roof installations), illuminated and bright, are conspicuous.

In outdoor advertising signs most oftenuse letters. In the roof installation, as an advertising message, a text is also used, which makes it possible to visually perceive the phrase at a considerable distance and at a certain angle.

Sometimes roof installations make simply huge sizes. Therefore, it is required to mount a reliable and robust construction that:

  • It is sufficiently stable and does not deform under its own weight;
  • It is reliably fixed, because it is placed at a high altitude.

Roof installation. How it works?

The construction is located on a building higher than usualthe level of other objects, therefore, is visible from afar. Statistics and testimonials show that such an advertising option, when it "hovers" over houses, increases the reach of the audience, attracts more customers to the client company. And light and dynamic effects simply will not allow to leave the roof installation without attention. Bright advertising also benefits the city, further illuminating the streets and lanes.

installation of roof fans

The manufacture of roof installations impliesthe use of different types and options: large or small, volume or flat letters, a creeping line or a light panel and even a plasma panel. Beautifully designed logo or slogan of the company-advertiser will not only attract attention, but will also cause respect.

Advantages of outdoor advertising

Roof installations solve simultaneously several marketing-purposes and possess a number of advantages:

  • visually superior to other types of outdoor advertising, not only in size, but also in efficiency;
  • Are visible for some kilometers from any angle of the review that will give the chance to increase recognition of the trade mark and to capture more buyers;
  • increase the status and prestige of the company and simultaneously point to its location;
  • the classic types of outdoor advertising have long bored consumers and cause irritation, which can not be said about the roof system.

roof installation advertisement

Reasons for popularity

  • Scale. Fantasy designer, customer or artist will not have limitations. After all, space on the roof of the building is enough to establish an object of any size and complexity.
  • Variability. Elements are volumetric, dynamic, remote, a combination of different forms - all this is acceptable and will make the roof installation unique.
  • Brightness. In outdoor advertising of this type, the internal, external, dynamic, light panels, creeping line, neon lights are used. This illumination creates a sense of celebration and positively affects the customer's image.
  • Domination. Roof advertising installations are bright and large objects that are located above the building and attract a wider audience. This creates a positive opinion about the customer firm and raises the reputation of the product. Consequently, increases the profit from its sales.
  • Efficiency. No other variant of outdoor advertising covers a wider range of potential buyers or users.

roof advertising installation

Another new kind of "big" advertising -firewalls, which are also distinguished by their size. The huge canvas on the wall of the building - what else can attract a person and make him pay attention to the slogan or information? Here also works the principle: the number of people who read advertising, is directly proportional to the number of potential buyers.

Roof installation

The production of an advertising structure on the roof of a building is a rather complex process, which consists of:

  • assessing the condition of the roof surface for the possibility of installing fasteners and parts;
  • design of a roof installation with regard to technological requirements;
  • obtaining permissive documents for installation of the outdoor advertising facility;
  • the design of the bearing parts;
  • coordination of the project in state institutions;
  • production of a roof installation;
  • installation.

Roof constructions

As customer testimonials show, when choosingthe company-manufacturer of roof installations it is better to work with a firm that provides comprehensive services, including the architect. In addition, many are faced with the issue of renting space for advertising systems. Here everything depends on the owner of the building and the footage of the rented area.

Installation of the structure

Typically, roof-mounted advertising consists ofsections, which are made of steel pipes. The sections, in turn, are joined by transverse pipes. Very often the construction is fixed with concrete blocks in order to increase protection against gusts and fluctuations.

Installation of the installation depends on the type of roof structure and the way it is executed.

  • On the metal construction, a banner banner, a light box, three-dimensional letters or branded parts are attached.
  • The installation can have internal or external lighting.
  • For lighting use LEDs, spotlights, neons, fluorescent lamps.

roof installation

What are roof fans?

Roof fan, orventilation and heating system, the design is more simple and economical in comparison with the classic unit. It is installed on the roof of the building and performs the basic functions of ventilation, namely complete or partial treatment of air: heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, cleaning.

Ventilation systems are widely used onpublic, administrative and industrial buildings, as well as in the domestic sphere. According to consumer feedback, it is not recommended to use roof installations in a private house. As a rule, they have high productivity, which results in the installation of exhaust duct fans in residential areas.

Installation of the roof installation

Installation of roof fans is madea specialist who will preliminarily determine the type of roof and the angle of inclination of the surface. Since such systems are mounted on the roof of a building, their body is made of stainless metal, which is not susceptible to corrosion, deformation, the effects of various explosive substances and chemical elements. The kit includes a special tray and a valve that protects against rain.

manufacture of roof installations

Although ventilation roof installations are easy to install, however, according to customer feedback, the following features should be considered:

  • The installation depends on the slope of the surface and the type of roofing;
  • dimensions and weight of the structure are calculated before it is manufactured in order to avoid deformation or deflection of the roof;
  • Before installing the ventilation system, complex work is carried out: the roof is prepared, the insulating layer and the main apron are inspected;
  • To ensure rigidity, an additional coating is installed in the installation site;
  • after the system is installed, all the slots are closed tightly so that moisture does not get inside.