/ Bathroom sinks. How to choose

Bathroom sinks. How to choose

Worldwide hundreds of manufacturers dailyproduce tens of thousands of sanitary ware. Such a large production is associated with an increase in demand among consumers of this type of product. In particular, the bath sinks became very popular.

Bathroom Sinks

Before you begin to purchase a bathroom sink, you need to consider some simple but important rules.

First, it is necessary to determine the location of the mixer (on the sink, or on the wall). This is necessary to select a sink model.

Secondly, determine the size of the shell forbathrooms. This will protect you from the useless waste of "hard earned". And also it will be very insulting to waste time on the return of products that simply did not fit in the space reserved for them.

Tip: if you are the owner of a combined bathroom, then select all the sanitary ware in the same style and preferably from one manufacturer. The benefit of the company of this production profile offers beautiful collections of sanitation that will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, it looks very aesthetic and cozy.

built-in washbasin

Bathroom sinks come in different types. For example, if you plan to mount the mixer on a wall, you need to purchase a sink with a drain hole (for a siphon) and a hole in the top of the sink (it will protect against overflow, connected to the drain hole). By the way, the second hole is not present in all models of shells. And if for you this point is important, then you should carefully examine the bowl and do not choose a shell just by design and price. The functional part of the purchase should always be of paramount importance. As a beautiful, but uncomfortable shell will bring less satisfaction than the standard, but most comfortable for you and loved ones built-in sink for the bathroom. So do not evaluate only in appearance.

Suspended sinks for the bathroom, and any othervarieties of sanitary ware, as a rule, made of porcelain, but most often from ceramics. Porcelain is quite expensive. This is due to the fact that it has a dense structure, hence, a low porosity, which contributes to less absorption of odors and dirt. However, such shells are fragile, which requires more careful maintenance and operation. In addition, they are very heavy.

Thanks to the development of production and technology,the improvement of ceramics has moved far ahead. This made it possible to make this material more reliable and competitive. Sanitary ware made of ceramics, with good care, is ready to serve for at least 20 years. Ceramic products can be decorated with various ornaments and patterns in different styles.

In addition, the sinks can be made of stone, cast iron, steel or glass. And even from a tree. Thus, the wishes of all consumers, not just a single group, are taken into account.

In order for the product to look even moreattractive to the buyer, it is covered with glaze, or colored enamel. This coating performs not only decorative function, but also protective. It also facilitates the care of the product. Therefore, before buying, carefully scrub the bowl of the shell. It is important that there are no cracks or chips on the surface of the top layer.

There are the following types of shells:

- Sink-tulip, is a two-piece product (bowl + pedestal). Thanks to this design, pipes for water supply, sewerage are very successfully concealed.

Suspended Bathroom Sinks

- Suspended bathroom sinks are attachedspecial brackets. The mixer can be attached to both the wall and the sink. The main drawback: visible pipes, which can significantly spoil the appearance of the bathroom.

In general, the choice is great. Be careful when choosing a bathroom sink and it will please you for many, many years.