/ / Wash basin of plastic bottles with their own hands. Homemade outdoor washbasin

Wash basin of plastic bottles with your own hands. Homemade outdoor washbasin

At the cottage or in the campaign wash basin - justnecessary thing. From time to time there is a need to wash hands, wash, rinse dishes or apple. Arrangement of a stationary "washing station" can take a lot of time and effort. And what can be done literally from nothing? In this article we will tell you how to make a sink from plastic bottles with your own hands. You will see that it is not difficult at all and can be done even by someone who has never dealt with equipment.

Types of sinks

The one who is just starting to join the villalife, you might think that a street washbasin can only be the simplest design. In truth, this is not quite the case. It all depends on the skill of the master. Even from a canister or plastic egg can make an excellent functional device. And if you put in a little effort, the camping washbasin can be not only practical, but also beautiful.

5 liter plastic wash basin

The most common models are:

  • Portable - a design that can be easily moved to any convenient place of your choice.
  • Suspended - attached at a selected location, can be equipped with a tap or pressure spout.
  • “Moidodyr” is a water tank mounted on a pedestal in which a bucket for dirty waste is hidden.

But today we will talk about the simplest model - a homemade plastic bottle washbasin. The structures of such a structure are different.

As easy as pie

The easiest traveling washbasin-homemade canmake from any plastic bottle. In addition to her, you will also need any sharp object and ordinary lace. If you know the simple laws of physics, then the question of how to make a sink from a plastic bottle is not in front of you.

plastic bottle wash basin

  1. We take an egg-cap of any capacity and with the help of an awl, nail or any sharp object we make a small hole in the bottom. Only 2-3 mm are enough.
  2. Tie the neck of the bottle with a cord and make a loop. In the future, for it, we will hang our "sink".
  3. Basically, our homemade wash basin fromplastic bottles with their own hands is ready. Take the eggplant, plug the hole in the bottom with your finger and pour it into the water tank. Without removing your finger from the bottom, tighten the cap tightly. Using a string, hang the flask by the neck in the chosen place.
  4. Since there is no air access from above,nothing will spill out through the hole. When you want to wash your hands, slightly unscrew the cap on the bottle. The tank will begin to “draw in” the air, and water will flow through the hole in the bottom. To “close the tap”, screw the cap on

Nail in the cap

As you can see, to build a washbasin from plastic bottles with your own hands is a snap.

how to make a plastic washbasin
If you have a regular nail or a screw with a wide cap at hand, the previous design can be slightly improved.

  • Take the cap and make a hole in it with a diameter the same as that of the screw, but smaller than that of its cap.
  • Insert the screw into the hole so that its cap is inside the bottle, and the “sting” protrudes outside.
  • Now cut the bottom of the bottle, and the neckscrew cap with a screw. We turn over the bottle and fix it in the chosen place. Pour water and cover the top of the bottle upside down. This will protect our washbasin from dirt.

Our plastic bottle wash basinmade by hands. It is very easy to use. "Kill" the screw from the bottom, it rises, and water begins to flow into the hole. When the screw goes down, its cap closes the hole and the liquid does not flow.

Holes in traffic

You can make an outdoor sink without a nail. In the side of the lid, where the thread is, it is necessary to make a small incision or hole. Everything else is identical to the previous method. To “open the tap”, you need to turn the cap slightly. The hole will be released, and water will flow into it. Turned back - the crane was closed.

This method has one drawback. If you turn the cover too hard, the water pressure will drop it from the thread, and all the liquid will spill onto your feet.

homemade plastic washbasin

Syringe system

And how to make a sink from a plastic bottle, so that you can turn it on and off without fear of being doused? It turns out it's not so difficult.

  • Take the plastic tag and unscrew the cap from it.
  • You will also need the usual double-cube medical syringe without a needle.
  • Make a hole in the middle of the lid.corresponding to the diameter of the syringe. And at the last one, with a sharp knife, cut the spout along with a part of the body. You should have a plastic tube with a piston inside.
  • Insert the cut syringe into the cap so that the piston is outside the structure. Screw the cap on.
  • At bucklag cut the bottom, turn over, strengthen in the right place and pour water.

Washbasin ready. If the piston is pressed in as far as it will go, it will “walk” freely, and water will flow from the bottle, like from a street washstand. If the flow needs to be cut off, simply pull on the piston. He will enter a plastic tube, and water will not.

marching washbasin
If you want water to flow constantly,the design can be slightly improved. Prepare a syringe in the same way as in the previous version. Now remove the piston completely, and drill several holes in the tube. From their diameter will depend on the flow rate. Insert the piston in place and repeat all the steps from the previous scenario. Now, if you press the piston all the way down, water through the holes in the tube will flow continuously. Want to stop? Pull the piston.

Purchased materials

It is very convenient to make the sink from a 5-liter plastic bottle. Such a volume allows not only to thoroughly wash or rinse vegetables, but also to take a light shower.

To make the sink even more convenient, you canattach a special tap to the neck and fix it with tape. The device is inexpensive and can be purchased at any hardware store. In extreme cases, a faucet from an old washing machine will do.

Literally a couple of rubles - and your homemade wash basin will be no worse than the store. By the way, instead of a five-liter jar, you can use a can of thick plastic. So it will be even safer.

Two buck system

If you like to go hiking, you know thatthe washing process can cause some difficulties. Often you have to look for a special place where you can put a toothbrush or a tube of toothpaste. In some cases, you have to ask for help from friends.

street washstand

We present to your attention a washing system of two plastic bottles, in which special holders are provided.

  1. We make a wash basin from the first one with any water supply system you choose.
  2. We cut the second bottle from two sides in the form of a cylinder about 10–12 cm high.
  3. From one of the edges on the cylinder are made transversenotches and the edge is bent inward. This is done so that the design can be put on the first bottle and secured with the received teeth on top. Otherwise, it will slide off.
  4. Also on the surface of the cylinder are made longitudinalcuts. The resulting strips must be unscrewed out and fastened in the form of a loop. This can be done with a stapler. If not, you can use a cigarette lighter. Melt the edge of the strip over the flame and firmly press to the desired location.
  5. Make one of the loops wider. There will be inserted toothpaste.
  6. Put the cylinder on the first bottle and hook the edges. You can use.

As you can see, it is easy to make a homemade wash basin from a bottle. Show a little imagination, and you will succeed.