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Sink with pedestal for the bathroom: self-installation

And here in the bathroom are finished facing works.An experienced tiler will remodel the water supply and sewerage system in such a way that only the approach points will be visible from the walls. If the bathroom is clear, then how to hide the drainage outlet under the sink? This question was asked by many. In fact, there are two ways to solve the problem. The first - a sink with a curbstone, the second - a sink with a pedestal. Today we will pay special attention to this subject of sanitary engineering.

Main characteristics

A sink with a pedestal can be made with one-piece construction and a team. When choosing, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The shape of the lines at both the shell and the pedestal must coincide. If the first element has smooth radial lines, then the second one must be made in the same style.
    sink with pedestal
  • Presence of overflow is necessary, that at the moment of operation not to flood the neighbors.
  • Do not take too small a sink, otherwise the water will splash throughout the bath with spray.
  • Presence of a hole under the mixer. If there is a hidden wiring, then no hole is needed, and you will have to buy a plug.


Sinks with a pedestal for the bathroom can be:

  • Straight lines. Normal view. Compactness is typical for such constructions.
  • Corner. An interesting solution in small bathrooms. Occupies minimal space.

By assembly type:

  • National teams. The pedestal and the sink are assembled at the installation site.
  • Whole. The construction is a monolith.
    washbasin with pedestal for the bathroom

Material for the production of shells:

  • Porcelain. This is expensive, but aesthetic. Emits a clear, clear sound. When illuminated, highlights, the structure is homogeneous without impurities.
  • Faience. This is a budget option. It produces a dull sound, the structure is porous and heterogeneous.
  • Porcelain tiles. This is a new composite material, which is particularly strong. Unlike the first two, if you drop something heavy, the shell will not break and will not crack.

Difference from other types of equipment

What is the difference between a washbasin and a bathroom pedestal? You should consider the advantages of this type of plumbing:

  • Communication is successfully hidden.
  • Stability of construction. Such shells can withstand the load, since they have an emphasis in the floor.
  • If the walls in the bathroom are weak, the sink with the pedestal is most acceptable, because in this design there is an emphasis in the floor.
  • Beautiful aesthetic appearance.
    corner sink with pedestal
    At a usual shell:
  • Communication is visible.
  • It can not be supported, since it can not withstand the load.
  • This type of equipment is not suitable for weak walls.

The sink with a curbstone, unlikeof the equipment under consideration, there is a significant plus: under the construction is formed a useful area, which can be used for the storage of household chemicals. But there are significant disadvantages: with a narrow space between the bathroom and the sink it will be inconvenient to clean up, a dead zone will appear. And in small bathrooms this design looks cumbersome.

What should I look for when buying?

Before purchasing, you should measure the output points for the plumbing, the distance to the bath, the opening. This will help not to err with the dimensions, and the plumber will not have to return to the store.

installation of a sink with a pedestal

When accepting the goods, you should:

  • Check the kit.Perhaps you will need to buy a siphon, because often the manufacturer supplies its products with rather cheap consumables. As a result, instead of a bump with a bend can put a straight line, which in the future will lead to the appearance of an unpleasant odor from the shell.
  • Check whether the sink is firmly on the pedestal. The fit should be smooth, without distortions.
  • You need to set the pedestal on a flat place and check with the level.
  • And, of course, view all the equipment for the absence of chips and scratches.

Preparation for work

Installing a sink with a pedestal do it yourself -simple process and under the force of anyone. First of all, you should make sure that the floor is even. The uneven surface will subsequently result in a swing of the structure. It is necessary to prepare the tool and material:

  • The puncher with a drill on a tile. The nozzle must fit the bolts.
  • Adjustable wrenches.
  • A hammer.
  • Construction level, marker or pencil.
  • Underwrap (fum-tape or tow).
  • Silicone sealant.

The sink fastener is included in the equipment package.

Installation Markup

Pedestal sink going andinstalled on site. It is visually possible (if the space of the room allows) to align it with respect to tile joints. The ideal option would be if the space under the holes coincide with the seams, as with careless drilling may occur chipping tiles. If it doesn’t work out that way, it’s okay.

how to install a sink with a pedestal

Level is checked installation. If everything is normal, holes are drilled. This is done through the installation holes of the sink, which are located on the back of the equipment. The sink moves aside and the level of the holes relative to each other is checked again.

Preparatory work

Drilled holes on the markup made. If they have not fallen on the seams, it is worth working without haste and with a slight pressure, so that the tiles do not form a chipping or even worse - a crack. Next, insert the dowels and gently hammered with a hammer. It is possible for greater reliability in the hole pre-fill a little mortar (glue or plaster).

You should check the place under the pedestal. It should be smooth. If necessary, the plane must be leveled. The pedestal sink should not rock after installation.

bathroom pedestal sinks

Next, you need to assemble the drainelement according to the instructions attached to the plumbing. Be sure to use rubber-seals. They must be installed on both sides in the center and without gaps. This will help avoid leaks at the time of operation. Further, the screw of fastening of a grid in a drain opening is twisted. The outlet corrugation is connected to the siphon, which is mounted in the sewer outlet.

Installation of equipment

It should be noted that the corner sink with a pedestal is mounted in the same way.

The installation bolts are not screwed into the dowels.the end, leave a gap so that you can put a shell on them. Do not forget about the sealing washers. Next, install the sink. Bolts should be tightened carefully. If you drag too hard, the tile may crack. Twist on two turns alternately each bolt.

Setting the mixer

Before this, turn off the water supply. The mixer is mounted with flexible hoses to the water outlet points. Most often, when facing tiles, these points are made above the sewer hole, which makes it easy to hide all wiring on a pedestal. For the mixer in the sink there is a technological hole. For connection of hoses use underwinding. It will further prevent leakage, ensuring a snug fit.

installing a sink with a pedestal do it yourself
After that, put a pedestal under the sink. A sealant is used to seal the joint between the sink and the wall. As a rule, choose white. The installation of the pedestal sink is over. Now you should check the equipment performance.


Basic installation errors:

  • The slope of the shell suggests that the markup is not performed on the level. A small flaw can be removed by adjusting the installation bolts.
  • Water and sewer leaks. With a wrench, tighten the connection points, if necessary, pass the joints with sealant.
  • The gap between the sink and the wall. It must be sealed with sealant.
  • Walks mixer. Tighten the mount.
  • The sink swings. There may be two reasons. If it is an uneven floor, you will have to remove the pedestal and level the base. The second reason is the shell installation bolts. They need to tighten.
  • Water does not go away in the sink. This may occur if the corrugation is twisted, or a bend is formed. You should remove the flaws and reassemble.

So how to install a sink with a pedestal at allit is easy, then it may well implement a newbie in construction. The main thing is to make the preparatory work and observe the installation technology.