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Cascade bathroom faucet: reviews, installation

Wishing to attract new customers, developersSanitary equipment usually rely on original design performances. Not always stylistic advantages entail practical benefits and save space in the bathroom, but there are also pleasant exceptions. Unusual shape, which has a cascade mixer, and causes the benefits of a spout. If in ordinary cranes the jet is produced by a dense point array, then in the case of waterfall feeding, dispersion occurs across the width. In this case, it is not necessary to confuse the faucets of this type with an ordinary shower.

Design Features

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Actually, all the differences of the device come fromthe shape of the nozzle that supplies water. Also, the design of spills of this kind does not include the presence of an aerator filling the jet with air. The hole at the end of the spout is usually represented in the form of a wide and flat spout. Thanks to this form, the cascade bathroom faucets form a large and even stream, resembling the work of a miniature waterfall. Another characteristic feature of this type of sanitary ware is the thickened pipes of the piping. Structural design provides maintenance of large volumes of water for a uniform spout across the entire width of the nozzle, and therefore the elements of communication support exceed the traditional accessories for mixers in size.

Installation of a bathroom faucet

Cascade Bathroom Faucets

Most often such equipment is supplementedbaths, as in such a complete set the advantages that a cascade mixer possesses are most fully revealed. Installation provides for two options for installation - directly into the wall or on the side. The first option does not depend on the design features of the bath and can be performed in almost any bathroom if the communication equipment initially corresponds to the type of hoses with which a particular mixer can work. If the dimensions match the master it is only necessary to fix the unit of the device with the help of fasteners, while ensuring the connection of the liner.

Its nuances include the installation of waterfallfaucets to the side of the bathroom. On the one hand, the master can not take into account the basic piping of plumbing communications, since a cascade mixer will be connected to the infrastructure of a particular bath. On the other hand, as follows from the previous condition, the accessory should be suitable for the technical parameters of a particular bath model, and this applies both to the piping and the structural fit.

Nuances of mounting a faucet for a washbasin

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By and large, the principle of mounting for a sinkcomplies with the installation rules in combination with the bathroom. Also, wall mounting is allowed, and if a combined version is chosen, care should be taken to ensure the technical and structural compatibility of the components. In addition, the cascade mixer for the sink can also be integrated into the countertop. This solution gives freedom in terms of implementation of installation, because a free niche under the table will allow you to install the piping for almost any household model of a waterfall mixer.

But there is a significant drawback to thismethod. The space under the countertop in this case should be empty, so that the physical safety of the connection of the supply hoses to the water supply structure is maintained. As for the installation itself, the cascade mixer should optimally enter the worktop, and to fulfill this condition, it may be necessary to cut the material to specific dimensions. The greatest difficulties will be caused by models made of stone.

Positive feedback on waterfall mixers

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Most users note for realstylish design of such modifications. The modern market is oversaturated with plumbing fixtures with bright, intricate and even extravagant designs. However, in this case, the stylistic effect is achieved not simply due to the shape of the structure, but due to the general principle of operation that distinguishes a cascade mixer. The reviews emphasize that the imitation of the waterfall gives a special beauty to the installation. That is, the water itself acts as a design element. There are pluses in terms of practical benefits. Expansion spout nozzle eliminates the hard drop of the jet, so during the bath, users feel soft and at the same time the volume of water. This configuration of the spout is beneficial in the provision of hydromassage baths, some regimes of which require abundant water supply.

Negative feedback

Using waterfall models is advantageous whenequipment of bathtubs, but the owners of such devices, complete with conventional shells, leave a lot of critical reviews. In particular, a wide spout is not always convenient when doing household operations with water. Still, a point-concentrated jet in many situations benefits from practicality. In addition, cascade bathroom faucets use a lot of water. As already noted, this is due to the construction needs of this plumbing. The high price of waterfall installations, due to the complexity of non-standard constructions, is also highlighted separately.


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Use of original sanitary equipmentit justifies itself in those cases, if there is a practical justification for this. Rational use of space and design capabilities of the equipment makes the bathroom not only attractive in appearance, but also convenient for daily operation. In this respect, a cascade mixer can be the best solution if you plan its stylistic and technical features in advance. As for design, it is best to initially choose a combination of a bath or a washbasin that goes in one series with a mixer. This will ensure the unity of style, and, most importantly, the possibility of structural combination of two elements of sanitary ware.