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Installation of a warm floor under a tile by own hands

One of the most popular design solutionsThe interior of the premises, especially in the bathroom and in the kitchen, has recently become a warm floor. In addition to the fact that the ceramic tile itself is a very reliable coating, resistant to high humidity and all kinds of pollution, the heated floor creates a feeling of comfort and coziness.

installation of a warm floor under the tile
According to the type of heating element used, heated floors are hydraulic (water) and electric. The latter, in turn, are cable and film.

The cable electrical floor is mounted insidescreeds, and the film can be laid directly on top of it. Installation of an electric heating element is much simpler than a water heater, because the technology of installing a water-heated floor implies the complete removal of not only the old floor covering, but also the screed. In addition, this design is quite cumbersome and takes up a lot of space, and its installation requires a special permit.

Installation instructions for underfloor heating

Perhaps the most optimal version of the warm floorin combination with ceramic tiles are electric heating mats, which are a fiberglass mesh, to which the screened heating sections are attached. Manufactured by the method of coupling without connection cold and hot parts, they represent a fairly reliable design. Their installation is performed in several stages.

  1. installation instructions for floor heating
    Installation of a warm floor under the tile is necessarystart with the installation of thermal insulation, which is laid on a previously prepared surface. Thermal insulation material is cut into strips with a width of 50 - 60 cm and the entire length of the room. The cut pieces are laid on the floor surface so that the metallized part is on top, after which they are joined together by adhesive tape.
  2. Then a cement screed is installed, which will form the basis of the future tile coating.
  3. The installation itself is now performed directlywarm floor under the tile. To do this, it is necessary to lay heating mats according to a pre-configured scheme. If it is necessary to cut the fiberglass section, this must be done very carefully, in order not to damage the heating cable.
  4. Network connection and performance checksystem. Verification is carried out at this stage, since subsequently to eliminate any malfunctions, you will have to dismantle the entire floor covering.
  5. Having finished installation of a warm floor under a tile, start laying of a tile. In this case, the thickness of the layer of glue used for laying the tiles should not exceed seven millimeters.

After completely drying the floor, which requires about three weeks, you can connect electricity and enjoy comfort.

Warm floor installation technology

What to look for

  • When choosing foil as thermal insulation material, make sure that the coating film is not a conductor of electricity.
  • Installation of a warm floor under the tile is carried out at a distance of 10 cm from the walls.
  • Before proceeding with the installation workwarm floor, you need to make a plan in which to provide the location of the thermostat. In addition, you need to think in advance where furniture will be installed, since its placement on a heated surface can lead to system failure.