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How to lay a tile with your own hands? The order of performance of works

The positive qualities of ceramic tiles weremany years ago. One can not fail to note such advantages of this material as the ease of laying, the preservation of colors with time, ease of cleaning, as well as resistance to dust and odors. Due to its advantages, the tile is used in the bathroom, when decorating the working apron in the kitchen, it is placed on the floor in the hallways and other rooms.

how to put a tile on a drywall
Having decided to perform the work independently, it is necessary not only to know how to lay a tile, but also that it will take:

· Plaster for leveling the surface;


· tile;

· Adhesive suitable for base and tiles;

· Remote crosses;

· Cutting tools (special hand or electric tile cutting machine);

Rubber spatula;

· Spatula with teeth and flat edge;

· Drill with mixing head;

· Container for mixing glue;

· Composition for grouting joints;

· Clean tile cleaning sponge.

how to put a tile on a wall
The whole work consists of the following stages:

1. Surface preparation.

2. Marking the walls.

3. Prizezka tiles.

4. Laying tiles.

5. Grouting joints.

6. Washing of the finished coating.

Substrate preparation

If there are shortages on the wall in the form of cracks, unevenness, then all this is eliminated in advance. Before laying the tile, you need to perfectly level the surface.

Not in every case is the foundation - concrete orbrick walls. For this reason, the question arises as to how to put the tile on gypsum board. Note the fact that drywall should be resistant to moisture. Also, it is treated with special compounds, the cracks are closed. Then the process is the same for all surfaces, only the glue is chosen different.

Calculation of tiles

For each wall, count the number of tilesseparately. Cut off the tiles for the whole, that is round their number. Before you learn how to put a tile, write down all the calculations and make a markup.

Tile marking

First, mark the vertical rows. Find the center of the wall (measure the width and determine the middle). This will allow you to count the number of tiles on the wall. After that, we apply horizontal lines.

how to lay a tile
Laying of tiles

Considering the question of how to lay a tile on a wall,It should be noted that the work starts from the far corner. We carefully lay the first tile, since the smoothness of the remaining rows depends on it. Use the level and constantly check the quality of work. Use the slats as a support for the first row, which prevents the tiles from sliding down.

The adhesive solution is applied to the back side,using a notched trowel for the mixture. Then press the tile firmly against the wall. Having installed the next tile, do not forget to use the suture crosses, otherwise the gaps will be uneven. Once the glue is fixed to the surface, the crosses are removed.


We considered how to put a tile, but on thisthe work does not end there. To proceed to this stage is possible only after the final setting of the glue. The solution is applied with a rubber spatula in several layers. Pollution on the tile is removed with a damp sponge after 10 minutes, while the seams are not affected. Final cleaning of the surface is carried out at least 1-2 hours.