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Do you know which flowers are the first to blossom?

Everyone knows how frosty they areRussian winters. It was at this time that I especially wanted to admire some flower, so that my heart warmed immediately. However, everything can be changed in its time and the laws of nature - flowers can be seen only with the advent of spring. At the same time, not all have an elementary idea of ​​which flowers blossom first. And the answer arises by itself. And really, it's easy to guess. Even the children on the question of which flowers bloom first, immediately answer that they are snowdrops.

What flowers blossom first

However, adults can ask a question, as they say, on the backfill: "Are there any representatives of the flora that blossom before the snowdrops?" And few will answer it.

So, those who do not know about which flowersfirst, perhaps, this information will be of interest. First of all, this is Chinodox (Chionodoxa). It blossoms at the end of winter, when everywhere else white-white. It is for this reason that it was called the glory of snows. The plant grows in the mountains. Not far from the extremities of the Alpine mountains you can admire the blossoming purple, white, lilac and blue buds. On the refined stem there are about ten flowers that visually resemble bells.

What flowers bloom first?

Which flower is the first to bloom

It is impossible not to mention the Erantis hecemelis(Eranthis hyemalis). This miracle of nature pleases with its yellow inflorescences, which exude honey aroma. The period of its flowering is in January-February. In the people of the above flower was called "spring". The stem is short and buds are placed in close proximity to the ground. From the cold and snow, the plant is protected by a massive green perianth.

Some may ask:"And which flower is the first to blossom?" Of course, one should mention Iris reticulata (Iris reticulata). It can be found on the territory of most Russian regions. It has amazingly beautiful lilac buds, which are interspersed with yellowish and whitish shades. This flower dissolves first, and it happens in March.

The flower dissolves first

True connoisseurs of flowers celebrate the charm andgrandeur, as well as the aesthetic perfection of several varieties of Iris net. These include: Harmony - has blue petals with yellow impregnations, Clarette - has light blue inflorescences with white specks, and Hercules - its buds have a purple color with a bronze hue.

Of course, you should tell in more detail about such flowers as a snowdrop and hellebore, because they also early blossom.

Snowdrop has a stable immunity to winterThe precipitation, which often falls in the early spring, and does not die of frosts. This plant has white inflorescences, which resemble the shape of a bell. Buds start to bloom immediately after the first leaves appeared.

A flower called hellebore is not onlybright flowers, but also original leaves that are visually dissected. The period of flowering of hellebore is early spring. Buds bloom in different color shades: red, pink, burgundy, white, yellow.