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Hexagonal arbor: materials, design and construction

Today, an indispensable element of almost everyonesuburban area is a stand-alone gazebo that can serve in summer as a place of food, rest, summer residence for indoor flowers or a place where the hosts will gather in the evenings with the whole family, meet friends.

For the manufacture of this structure,use any available materials, you can create it in any style. Construct similar constructions of all possible geometric shapes, but still the most popular is the hexagonal arbor. What are the advantages of this form, what features are inherent in it - about this further.

Advantages of the hexagonal structure

Hexagonal arbor
If you take into account ergonomics, the hexagon is considered the best form, since the design in this case will be the most stable and durable. It has other advantages:

  1. Simpler construction than, for example, the construction of a circular shape.
  2. It is distinguished by its reliability and rigidity.
  3. Has a large capacity, when compared with a square analog.
  4. Has a high aesthetic performance.

In other words, it's an original design,which will decorate any suburban area, as evidenced by numerous photos. But most importantly, a turnkey on the turnkey can be done by the person who knows how to handle the tool and prefers to deal with the arrangement of his site.


Construction begins in the same way as the erection of any other structure - from the drafting, which will indicate:

  1. The detailed sizes of the model you like.
  2. Necessary amount of material.
  3. The tool you need to work.

The data of all listed items allowin advance to know the approximate cost of the future structure. If for the construction you have chosen a tree, you need to consider that to protect it you need special impregnation and antiseptics, which will protect the wooden elements from ultraviolet, moisture, insects and rodents. There are few such facilities, but the benefits that their use will bring are quite tangible: a hexagonal arbor, processed with special substances, will last many times longer, so the protective equipment should also be included in the list of necessary materials.

Choosing a foundation

Arbor with stove and barbecue
To a hexagonal arbor for a dacha or privatethe house stood firmly, it is best to install it on the foundation. On the choice of the basis of construction affects not only the weight of the future design, but also the type of soil. There are several types of foundations that can be used when building arbors:

  1. Columnar.Concrete blocks can serve as supports. In order to eventually not move, it is necessary to install each support in a prepared pit, to make a formwork with a height of 10-15 cm in addition to the surface of the soil, and then fill it with reinforced concrete mortar. When the concrete is completely solidified, lay the lower strapping of the structure on the blocks and fix it with dowels.
  2. Monolithic. This type of foundation is quite expensive, because it is a solid concrete slab.
  3. Support columns.They are made in the same way as the columnar analogue with the difference that instead of concrete, wooden poles are used. Thanks to this, the hexagonal gazebo will become much cheaper than previous versions.

Preparation of tools

Since many owners of suburban real estate prefer natural materials, hexagonal arbors made of wood are an ideal option. In this case, you will need:

  1. Hammer, screws and nails.
  2. Plane.
  3. Drill.
  4. Hacksaw or circular saw.
  5. Roulette, level.
  6. Stairs.
  7. Boards.
  8. Waterproofing material.
  9. Cant.
  10. Bituminous mastic for wood protection.
  11. Metal corners.
  12. Material for the roof.

For the foundation, except for the shovel,trowel, cement, sand and tare mortar, you need a concrete mixer. It can be replaced by a drill, having equipped the tool with a suitable nozzle.

Important detail:Before proceeding to the construction work, it is necessary to carefully calculate how much material is needed, and be sure to add 6-7% to the figure obtained. Since there may be a desire to make changes in the process, additional materials will help to translate the idea into reality.

Site preparation

Turn-key turnkey
Determined with the place where it will be locatedconstruction, it is necessary to prepare it: align the site, if there are inclinations, remove everything that can interfere with the work, and remove 10-15 cm of soil with plant roots. After that, the earth is compacted, covered with sand with gravel and again rammed to create a dense pillow where the hexagonal gazebo will be placed. The size of the prepared area must correspond to the area of ​​the future construction. If you plan to make a concrete casting around the building, you need to increase the dimensions.

After that, the markup is done.To avoid mistakes in this case, you can put a metal rod in the center of the plot, tie a pointed stake to it and hold it like a compass, then the markings will be as accurate as possible. It only remains to make the necessary adjustment, marking 6 corners.


Floor for gazebo
Since the foundation of supporting columns is the most accessible, it will be a question of its construction. Further work is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. At the corners prepare pits, the depth of which is 0.6-0.8 m, and the width - 0.5 m.
  2. Prepare a pit in the center of the construction, where the short post will be located, not above the floor level. The elements of the lower strapping will be attached to it.
  3. Fall asleep on the bottom of the pit gravel and tamper.
  4. To process wooden posts with protective means.
  5. Install foundation pillars in pits. It should be ensured that the supports have the same height and are equal to the height of the future structure.
  6. Check the level of the support location.
  7. Pour the pits with cement.

Assembling the frame

Hexagonal arbor for giving
First of all, the pillars are fastened ina single construction with the help of the lower strapping. Then, in the direction of the center, lags are laid, on which the floor for the gazebo will be laid. The same material that was used for supports can serve as a strapping. Cutting at an angle ends, the beam should be attached to the supports, using self-tapping screws or metal corners.

Lags must also be impregnated with a protective solution.If the floor for the gazebo is made of wooden plates or boards, they also need to be subjected to processing and during installation it is necessary to leave a gap between individual elements of 0.5-1.0 mm for temperature expansion of the material and ventilation.

Installation of roofing

Hexagonal gazebo dimensions
The next step is the execution of the upper strapping (ifplan to assemble the roof directly on the structure). To facilitate this step, you can assemble the harness separately, using metal corners and screws, connect it to the carcass roof and then install the entire structure in place.

Also, roofing crates can be mounted andafter the frame is installed on the supporting bars - it all depends on the decision of the person who is building a gazebo under the key. Itself will be very difficult to do this work, therefore it is necessary to take care of the assistants in advance. In the last turn, the cover is laid and fixed.

BBQ, stove, barbecue: installation

Hexagonal pergolas made of wood
Arbor with stove and barbecue - more complicated, buta very popular version of the structure. If it is decided to build just such a design, then at the planning stage you need to include a chimney in the plan. Since the stove has a lot of weight, it is best to install it on the wall on an additional foundation, but the brazier can be placed in the center of the building.

Executing a design drawing in whichit is planned to install a brazier, a stove, is quite a difficult task, since it is necessary to comply with the rules of fire safety, so it is best to entrust it to a specialist.

When choosing such a complex option, it is necessarypay attention to the location: a gazebo with a stove and a barbecue should not be near the house, farm buildings and other objects - this is one of the main requirements of fire safety. If there are few places on the site and there is no possibility to construct a structure at a distance, it is better to refuse such constructions.

Finishing work

To hexagonal arbours from a tree not onlydecorated the landscape and served for a long time, but also became a favorite place for all family members, they should be beautiful and comfortable. For this, it is necessary to grind all the wooden surfaces with a grinding machine, eliminating unevenness. Thanks to this application of paint and varnish will become much easier.

After grinding, all elements are covered with linseed oil, and after it dries with varnish. And the varnish is applied not in one layer, but in several, after the previous one dries.