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Professional high-pressure cleaner for car wash

Services of specialized car washesexpensive, and regular access to such a service for many drivers is financially inadequate. As an alternative, you can use traditional cleaning products, including washing preparations, rags with napkins, sponges, etc. But the effectiveness of such maintenance is in no way comparable to professional services. But there is another option of self-service, which is worthy of your attention, is a high-pressure washing machine, the technical capabilities of which allow you to cope with a full set of tasks for car care.

high-pressure washer for car wash

Principle of operation of the high-pressure apparatus

Basically, such systems operate on the basis ofwater supply from the barrel. This is the main technological feature of complexes of this type. They are spared from the need to connect to the main water channels and can interact with any capacity. During operation, the high-pressure water device provides pumping in accordance with the specified pressure characteristics. To prevent contamination of the equipment, the suction hose at its end has a check valve with a filter.

The most modern models also provide forThe presence in the construction of an additional tank, which serves as a container for detergent. Usually it is located on the end of the jetting gun, scattering the resulting foam. Also, a high-pressure cleaner for car washes can provide for the possibility of water heating and the function of steam processing. Such complexes are usually purchased by cleaning companies, which allows them to provide the widest possible range of car care services.

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Advantages of mini car washes

One of the main features that distinguishthe use of such devices from the organization of the washing process with a conventional rag is the absence of contact. The most soft and high-quality sponges can damage the surface of the body, leaving small scratches. In turn, the non-contact cleaning with a single pressure of water with a powder effectively knocks down raids and pollution even in hard-to-reach places. Again, when compared with the traditional manual method, the high-pressure cleaner for car washes allows you to carry out care activities faster several times. Of course, the output will be a better result. If we compare these devices with the work of specialized services, then there will be little differences. The main thing is to initially determine the necessary technical and operational parameters of the unit.

high pressure washer

Main characteristics of the equipment

Operational abilities of mini car washesare determined by three main parameters - power, capacity and pressure. As for the first criterion, the initial segment offers models up to 1.5 kW. This indicator is sufficient for the periodic maintenance of a small machine. If you need to perform several cleaning activities every day, then you should turn to the technique with a return of about 3 kW or more. Performance, which has a high-pressure apparatus for car wash, affects the quality of cleaning. The flow intensity averages 400-500 l / h, and the pressure level varies from 200-300 bar. Accordingly, the more complex the task, the higher these values ​​should be. It should be noted that the equipment for private use does not always focus solely on the maintenance of the car. It is advisable to use such washes in the care of the façade and in watering activities, so there will not be an extra supply of power in any case.

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Features of professional car washes

The main difference between professional complexes andhousehold models is a higher level of technical indicators. But there are also functional features that distinguish this segment of equipment. For example, specialized sinks provide a system for protecting the engine from overheating. Also, the user can change the jet during operation, which increases the efficiency of the equipment. In addition, the high-pressure apparatus for car wash from the professional line is distinguished by the presence in the construction of high-quality materials. In particular, the pump can be made of brass or silumin, which allows the pump to withstand heavy loads at high pressures. As practice shows, such models regularly serve for 6-7 years.

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Completion of devices

Since the apparatus of this type is largelyimitate full-fledged car wash stations, in order to expand the functionality of the manufacturers complement them with a wide range of auxiliary accessories. The basis of the kit includes a spray gun, as well as nozzles in the form of brushes. A separate category of additional elements is represented by nozzles for flushing foam, which form a broadly directed jet. Much less often, high-pressure washing machines are equipped with water purification filters and foaming agents. As a rule, such additions have to be purchased separately, but their functions are very important. Also, for convenience, it will not be superfluous to provide an automatic coil for winding the hose.

Manufacturers of washers

In this segment there are manymanufacturers of cleaning equipment, but not all firms are resolved to produce professional models. Such brands include Karcher, Crosser, Kranzle, etc. In particular, the German manufacturer Karcher in the K7 series offers a high-pressure machine, the reviews are noted for the presence of high-quality materials in the structure, and the ability to cope with cleaning from dirt in hard-to-reach places .

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Mini car washes show an example of howcomplex high-tech equipment is transformed to the needs of the average user. If earlier productive and powerful cleaning units were available only to specialized enterprises, today they can be purchased by any private person. A professional high-pressure washer is easy to operate, but in its capabilities corresponds to high-grade stations. Manufacturers endow such units with a wide functionality, and ergonomic advantages. Convenience in handling a pressure gun, reliability of the engine and the versatility of the equipment are the main directions for the development of modern mini car washes.