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Samples of commercial offers of construction companies. Examples of texts of commercial offers

The commercial offer is an advertising document.The main goal of the compilation is to motivate and motivate the potential client to cooperate, use the service or purchase the goods. In the construction sector, not only services for the erection and repair of buildings, but also design work, reconstruction or demolition of buildings may be offered.

Kinds of commercial offers in the field of construction

As a general rule, the commercial offer of a construction company is divided into general and specialized.

In general, KP indicates all the capabilities of the company.For example, even if the building is erected, but no repairs are done inside, the offer of cooperation may have information about the possibility of carrying out design and dismantling works.

A specialized proposal can only contain targeted information, for example, only general construction or finishing works are offered.

The rules, as the commercial offer of the construction company is written, contains one more classification:

  • budget proposals;
  • uncensored.

The second version of the CP is sent in those cases,when a potential customer is interested in innovative solutions and quality assurance for him is the most important moment in cooperation, in other words, the price policy is the least interesting.

samples of commercial offers of construction companies

Specificity of the contractor's commercial proposal in the construction industry

The contract for construction work is enougha specific activity and implies long-term cooperation. Therefore, very often even in the primary sentence, you can see preliminary calculations in tabular form. If preliminary calculations are given, it is necessary to indicate on the basis of what data they were conducted, that is, the figures should not be taken from the ceiling. If the calculations are approximate, then this should be emphasized.

Naturally, the examples of commercial textssuggestions can always be found on the Internet or order the writing of text from specialists, but it should be remembered that there are no clear standards. Each word should be selected depending on the specifics and advantages of the company. For some contractors in the priority of quality, for others, optimization of customer costs and so on. In practice, we can distinguish a number of standard sections of KP, which should not be neglected.

examples of commercial proposals


Greeting is not required only if the document is not personalized.

Personal appeal, especially if you have already had telephone talks before. The name and patronymic at the beginning of the text already obliges the recipient to at least get acquainted with the text.

Commercial offers of construction companies: samples of writing greetings:

Response to the request

The sender of the letter should always be reminded that the proposal was made at the request of the recipient.

Name, hello!

We quickly fulfill your request and send the following information ...

Good day, First Name!

In continuation of our telephone conversation, I send information regarding the reconstruction of your building ....

turnkey construction of houses

Heading and concept

In this part of the offer, you needas much as possible to entice the reader and position him to a careful study of further information. Naturally, if the letter is sent to the municipal authorities for the purpose of participating in the tender, then the headline should be concise and clearly define the essence of the proposal.

The text of the header of the sample of the commercial offer of the construction company can sound as follows:

"Commercial offer on the reconstruction of the building at ..."

After the title, it is necessary to briefly describe the essence of the proposal. A potential client should, as a short period of time, understand what the company is doing.

Samples of commercial offers of construction companies:

The main problem of the client.

Every business sooner or later faces certain problems, you can help your client solve it - say so.

... If you are engaged in renting your owncommercial and office space, but you want to keep the overall concept of design throughout the building, while allowing you to make each tenant repair at your own expense - we will solve this problem. Our company is ready to become a contractor for all your tenants, observing all the conceptual decisions you made at the stage of commissioning the building ...

Current need. Needs are constantly changing, that is, one that is relevant at a certain point in time.

... You built a house - but did not repair it! We will make it together with you ...

... Have you bought a plot of land? Have not you started building a house? Our company offers turnkey construction of houses, from design, to finishing ....

commercial offer for construction services

The services

Now you can proceed to a detailed description of the proposed works and services. To ensure that the text is not overloaded, the price list with prices can be attached to the proposal by a separate document.

In this part of the offer, nomust be dry, it is necessary to show "the goods face". If your "hobby" is the construction of houses on a turn-key basis, then write about it, if designing, then you can formulate the text as follows:

"... Our company has created 99 projects of private houses, 98 of which have already been built and their owners are satisfied with the result, which can be found on the website of our company in the" Reviews "tab ...".

construction contract


After a brief description of the services, you can move on to the benefits of cooperation with the company. The benefits include:

  • low cost of services or used building materials;
  • a full cycle of construction works;
  • official cooperation with eminent partner suppliers;
  • Great warranty periods, both on the work itself, and on materials.

Samples of commercial offers of construction companies:

A rational solution and a small shock.

Offer a favorable price to the client and justify that it is a guarantee of quality.

... Our company works only with French suppliers of stretch ceilings, as is known, it was in France that they were invented ...

... The cost of our services is less by 10% compared towith the average market. This is due to the fact that we do not attract outside specialists, in our state there are professionals of all construction specialties, from the architect to the tiler ....

... Our company not only mounts buildings fromSIP-panels, but also has its own production for their manufacture. And this is a guarantee of high quality and low cost. You are given the opportunity to visit our shop and make sure of the truthfulness of our statements ...

Benefits in the future. The client should understand why he should cooperate with your company.

... The guarantee for our work is 5 years.Why such a long time? Because we are confident in the quality of our services. Over the past 2 years, no partner sent complaints or complaints to our address ....

how to write a commercial offer

Order of cooperation

In this section of the commercial proposal for construction services should clearly describe how the cooperation with customers. The recipient of the letter should understand for himself:

  • the procedure for payment;
  • at whose expense the purchase of materials takes place;
  • basic requirements to the contract;
  • and other features of cooperation with the company.

commercial offer on construction company cooperation

Additional information and contact information

In conclusion, information is written that may be important to the client, but it was not mentioned in the previous text. Information really should be useful, for example:

"... In the period from October 1 to December 31, we have seasonal discounts on building materials ... .can be listed if the discounts are not for all goods ...."

Commercial offer on cooperation withthe construction company must contain information about the person with whom you can contact if you are interested in the proposal. Even if the proposal is a continuation of the preliminary agreement, contact details should still be indicated.

If the CP is not personified, then you can add a little more motivation, for example:

"... If you call today ... you can specify the date .... Then get a discount on all types of services at a rate of 5% .... contact details ...".

Do not forget to thank the potential client for taking time to read your information.