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The tricks of a beautiful landscape

Landscape design is a whole artThe arrangement of the garden plot, which is not owned by every gardener. And it is only thanks to secrets and landscape tricks that the designer can ideally equip even the worst versions of personal plots.

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So, what are these tricks? First of all, it should be mentioned that the designers on the sites place the plants, clearly following the professional techniques, while playing with sizes and shapes, colors and light.

People who have summer cottages dream aboutthat they, and their guests, would be delighted by the country life, the garden and the vegetable garden. Landscape design tricks and arranging homestead plots will help make its decoration not only unusual and unique, but not similar to a drop on others. To do this, there are many methods and practices.

The basis for the successful organization of space

Professional designers tend to callall these landscape cunnings by special methods, thanks to which you can competently perform the layout of the territory and at the same time create a harmony of color, style and taste. It should be remembered that the size and lighting of the garden area play an important role, which is why special attention is paid to the proper organization of space.

Creating a composition - harmony of the infield area

In order to be created on the backyardcompositions looked not only harmoniously, but also beautifully, landscape cunnings envisage the use of various forms. And this rule applies not only to buildings, but also to shrubs and trees, the crowns of which may have a globular shape, conical or other. Proceeding from this it is necessary to understand, where, how and what trees and bushes to plant.

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In addition, the owner's desire to receive the greatest aesthetic pleasure from suburban life should be taken into account.

Landscape tricks include the selection of a centerfor any composition. The role of the central point can play a fountain, a tree, a flower bed, a rock garden and many other things that can be placed in the middle. The homestead is divided into zones. In turn, the recreation area should look appropriate, but it directly depends on what the host has to put on it and what it will eventually serve.

Those who do not have time or imaginationindependently to be engaged in arrangement of a personal plot, professional designers and their authoritative landscape cunnings which photos can be found in their portfolio will help.

Each landscape is beautiful in its own way

By the term "landscape design" we meanAny work with aesthetic gardening of any territory. Its main goal is not only the harmony of plants with surrounding architectural elements, but also the disguise of various shortcomings of the territory itself.

In the modern world, design in the suburban areaprofessionals are engaged with knowledge of dendrology and fine art taste, but if there is a desire to independently arrange the arrangement, the transfer of "Landscape tricks with Belasheva Irina" will help.

Artistic taste provides an opportunityprofessional to form the most rational solutions for a particular territory. Designing parks and gardens, designers use all existing types of plantings. Also used artificial ponds, fountains, alpine hills, sculptures and lanterns.

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Designers in their blogs often share useful tips on how to independently design a garden, garden.

Landscape tricks: 7 most unusual tricks

Garden in the hands of a professional designer forlandscape - this is a real magical work of art. And sometimes there are such questions: "Where is the source of this stream?" Or "How did this southern plant come to be settled here?"

Trick # 1. Creating an illusion

A landscape designer can be safely calleda magician who knows absolutely all the laws of physics - he can create the illusion of running water, using small glass, manages to grow bamboo in our latitude, and also paints a living painter, like an artist.

From this it can be concluded that, when making outa homestead plot and dreaming to get a unique piece of art while doing it, you should not turn to amateur gardeners, because except as a copy from a glossy magazine they will not be able to create anything. But the real professionals create 3D models and calculate every detail. And most importantly: the resulting creation will be as if alive due to the use of landscape tricks. New created works will long please the eye.

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Trick # 2. Working with Space

Extending the garden path or changing the terrainfor an experienced designer will be an exciting game. Even the most stodgy and unattractive site can be turned into anything: a royal garden with the finest labyrinths, a modern barbecue area or a quiet Japanese garden. And comparing the site before and after just eyes can not believe that this is possible.

Trick # 3. Focus of focus

Designers involved in the arrangementlandscape, there is another such useful technique, which can be called: focus of attention. The whole secret is that we can see the site only from a certain place. For example, entering the garden, leaving the house or sitting on a bench by the pond. All these places are called focus points, and it is from these places that the landscape should look like it should.

And as the lawn looks from under the Christmas tree, it does not matter to anyone, the designer focuses on these points to achieve maximum visual effect, and the technological zones are hidden.

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Trick # 4. Use of artificial plants

Many may say that the use ofthe area of ​​artificial plants and flowers - this is the limit of bad taste, but this is far from the case. The designer, having completed his creation, will leave, and the landlord will remain alone with beauty. Here there are questions: "And how to properly care for exotic plants?", "How many times a day to water?", "Maybe hire a gardener?" And so on.

Thanks to artificial elements in the decorationAt home, all these questions will disappear by themselves. No one will notice the difference between an artificial shrub and the present. All for the sake of convenience and common good.

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But here you can already see real miracles:On a personal plot jumping red squirrels, fabulously sing birds and flutter butterflies. Agree, beauty! But the neighbor does not have anything like that. What's the matter?

The answer is simple: in design tricks.A true professional always knows where and how to attach a few cottages for squirrels, what flowers the birds adore and what stickers with special flavors to put on the middle of the flowers to lure such beautiful butterflies. And this is all technology!

The trick # 6. Game with color

Scientists have long proven the fact that color influencesthe subconscious of man. The game of color can not only easily create the right mood for a person, but also a certain illusion of perception of the surrounding space.

So, white is the color of summer and holiday,yellow gives juiciness and focuses attention, blue relaxes and causes a feeling of infinity, orange warms and lifts the mood. Surprisingly, do you agree?

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Trick # 7. Running a life

In the garden created by the professionals of the garden everything comes to lifeand breathes a full breast. Water in a stream or in a fountain 24 hours a day is in motion, at night the bushes and trees glow. Plunge into all this is a tremendous pleasure, and it does not matter whether it is a plot or a country garden. Landscape tricks - this is a whole amazing life!

Councils for competent landscaping of the territory

To the most simple and cunning trickprofessional designers can include landscaping of the territory. All free space is sown with lawn grass, and for roses and flower beds there is as little space as possible - this method will be especially important in a small area. The plot with green grass visually enlarges the territory.

Rules for the process of creating compositions from ornamental crops

Consider the following:

  • Rule number 1

The composition should be as contrastive as possible. This means that tall ornamental plants must necessarily grow next to small shrubs, and evergreens - with flowering plants.

  • Rule number 2

Colors and shades should be competently combined. Merge of colors can not be allowed, so you need to experiment with gradations.

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Beautiful flowerbeds in the suburban area

Each summer resident wants his flowerbed to lookmore beautiful than the neighbor opposite. This is much easier than it seems at first glance. Original flower beds, as a rule, are created from the most simple and unusual materials. The main key factor here will be only imagination and creativity. Taking the case, remember that the beauty of the entire plot depends on the beautiful design of the flower garden.

For sure, each of us at the dacha can withoutmuch work to find a lot of old things. So why not take them and not apply to decorate the flowerbed? It can be a wicker basket, a rubber tire or even an old fishing boat. After all, the most unusual and fabulous flower beds are made from the most extraordinary and sometimes even unnecessary things.

bed of old things

You can also create a flower bed from an old basin or a clay pot. They can be painted in an original way with the brightest colors and everything - a miracle-flower bed is ready.

Now it remains only to plant your favoriteflowers. To create a flower bed, you can use all the old and unnecessary, all that is hardly ever needed. In a word, we can say that with proper decoration and arrangement on the plot of land, absolutely any container will do. The main rule is that it should be in harmony with the landscape.


Understanding all the above tips and tricksprofessional masters, you can create a unique landscape design on your own private plot, which will please the owner for a long time, and you can do it using old, unnecessary things.