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Fungicide "Quadrice": instructions for use, description and reviews

Fungal disease is an unwelcome guest inour garden, which can do a lot of trouble. And to fight with fungal lesions, which are already obvious, it is quite difficult. They develop quickly enough, and some - just lightning fast. Therefore, to help gardeners, such drugs as fungicides were discovered. These are chemical compounds that effectively etch seeds of plants and completely eliminate them from spores of fungi, and also process adult plants in order to prevent and treat this type of disease. Today we want to tell you about the fungicide "Quadrice". Instruction for use calls it one of the most progressive modern means for combating a whole complex of fungal diseases.

fungicide quadris instruction manual

Recommendations for use

In fact, a systemic fungicide helps instruggle with a variety of ailments of cucumbers and tomatoes, onions and grapes, strawberries. That is, for a gardener to have it at hand is simply necessary to get a good harvest. However, why are we currently interested in the fungicide "Quadrice"? Instruction for use says that it is sufficiently safe and at the same time has a preventive, curative and eradicating effect. The drug has excellent anti-sporulating properties. It enhances and prolongs the photosynthesis of leaves.

Use of the drug in the garden

Is a fungicide suitable for all garden plants"Quadrice"? Instruction for the use of the drug marks its complete safety and excellent adaptation to a variety of varieties and species. That is, you can spray the entire garden without fear, while observing the recommended dosages. The last decades were marked by unprecedented heyday of viral and bacterial diseases, and they are subject to all, without exception, garden crops. Initially, it was believed that they did not respond to treatment, but then the fungicide "Quadrice" was developed. Instruction for use emphasizes that the drug has a strong preventive and systemic therapeutic effect. The most important thing is that it should not be too late.

 quadrice fungicide instructions for use review

Cultures and diseases

Let's now dwell more on thewhat crops and with what periodicity is used "Quadrice TM" (fungicide). Instructions for use lists almost all garden crops, which with the help of this drug can be protected from bacterial diseases. Potatoes are primarily processed from late blight and alternaria. During the summer period, 2 treatments will be required, the latter being recommended 7 days before harvest. Cabbage is processed from rot in the fall, before harvesting. Onions suffer most from the transference and fusarium wilt, and Quadra also helps with these diseases. Onion beds are treated twice a season, the last time - a week before harvest. With the help of "Quadrice" you can effectively combat powdery mildew in cucumbers. During the season it is permissible to spray the bushes three times, but within five days after treatment, the fruits should not be removed. The situation is similar in the case of tomatoes, their preparation is treated most often from late blight and brown spot.

quadrice fungicide instructions for use for grapes

The main advantages of the drug

First of all, it should be noted that the curativethe action lasts 2 days. That is, it makes it possible to completely destroy the causative agent and the spores that are in the incubation period. In this case, the eradicating effect makes it possible to completely stop the development of the infection and its spreading on the site. It is for these effects of gardeners and choose the drug "Quadrice" (fungicide). Instructions for use, reviews of seasoned gardeners provide useful information and newcomers who first encountered the problem of fungal diseases. First of all, reviews emphasize that this is the only drug that protects plants from a whole bunch of the most common diseases. "Quadrice" provides an opportunity not only to protect and cure plants, but also to extend fruiting for 2-3 weeks. This is a unique remedy that is not forbidden to use during the harvest period. Moreover, its use directly before collection of fruits significantly increases their safety in cellars and storages. "Quadrice" is completely non-toxic to bees and the environment.

fungicide quadris instruction manual for 10 l

Features of the drug use

So, how to use the fungicide "Quadrice"?Instructions for use on 10 liters of water recommends adding more fungicides. What is it for? The fact is that there are a lot of diseases for today, and it is not always possible for every summer resident to determine what the plant suffers from. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare a solution of the widest possible spectrum of action. Addition to this drug can serve as a systemic fungicide "Aliet", as well as "Dzherelo", "Defender" and a number of others. Consider this point during the preparation of the medicinal solution.

If you have large cultivated areas, then yoube sure to repeat the treatment in order to prevent the outbreak of the disease. Therefore, after two consecutive treatments, "Quadrice" it is necessary to change the active substance and use fungicides with a mechanism different from strobilurins.

Be sure to evaluate the weather forecast, do not apply the treatment on wet foliage or when storm clouds gather and in the next few hours it may rain.

quadris tm fungicide instructions

Drug consumption

It is very important to know in advance how to distributefungicide "Quadrice". Instructions for use on 10 liters recommend the introduction of 5 ml of the drug, but it is important to understand that the resulting concentrated solution should be sprayed only on the leaves, not draining to the ground. Therefore use the smallest spray and do not overdo it: a small amount of the drug is able to solve the problem no worse. But apple orchards are very sensitive to this drug, so it is not recommended to use even the equipment through which the treatment was made "Quadrice", for apple trees, since the remnants of the drug can be badly damaged.

Preparation of the solution

Let's dwell a little more on howto prepare a working solution of the preparation "Quadrice". Fungicide (100 ml) instructions for use suggest dilution in parts, depending on the size of your garden. The sprayer is poured with water by a third, then the preparation is introduced into it and the agitator is turned on. Then you can add water and begin treatment. The working solution should be consumed directly on the day of preparation.

quadrice fungicide instructions for use with strawberries

Use in vineyards

Those who grew a vine well know how muchit is prone to fungal diseases. That is why gardeners enthusiastically perceived the appearance of the drug "Quadrice" (fungicide). Instructions for use for grapes involves processing three times per season, and make sure that the latter was no later than 25 days before harvest. "Quadrase" is used in this case only together with other fungicides. Spraying is performed during the growing season, during and after flowering, along a green berry. Consumption - 1 000 liters per hectare. After processing "Quadrice" it is necessary to use a fungicide with an excellent mechanism of action. Vineyards are processed from mildew and oidium, gray rot, black spot, infectious shrinkage.

quadris fungicide 100 ml instructions for use

Growing Strawberries

The most common ailments of strawberries -it is white and brown spotted, gray rot. Diseases are serious enough, they can completely destroy the whole crop. Preventive treatment of these ailments is not only desirable, but also necessary. How to use "Quadrice" (fungicide) in this case? Instructions for use for strawberries emphasize that you need to take a number of measures to ensure that your crop is abundant and quality. In spring, when the temperature rises to 10 degrees, it is necessary to carry out treatment with the fungicide "Khorobi" or "Strobi". This will give protection against gray and white rot. After (approximately after 10 days) it is very good to carry out the treatment with fungicide "Switch". Already immediately before flowering it is necessary to spray the bushes with the "Quadrice" preparation. But after flowering and during the ripening of berries, it is better not to use any chemicals. Now, after harvesting, it is worth repeating the treatment with "Quadrice" to ensure the health of the bushes and for the next season. Judging by the reviews of gardeners, this fungicide is an excellent protection for your garden, a safe and very convenient to use drug.