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Charming flower levision - planting and care

Levisius is rarely found in our gardens.Although her flowers are so beautiful that it is difficult to tear off their eyes. The color scheme is different and, most likely, resembles the palette of the artist, where the colors shimmer from white to pink, sparkle with orange, yellow and red, combined with gentle veins of light colors.

Features of the view

This unusual flower, belonging to the familyportolak, in nature is found only in the mountains of North America. That's why we have a good habit on the Alpine hills. Few gardeners are familiar with levision, planting and caring for which require special attention.

levision planting and care cultivation of leviesia from seeds

Although the levies themselves are too short (no more than 30cm), the flowers are very large and seem simply huge compared to the size of the whole plant. Some species have a branched sturgeon, strewn with smaller flowers, others are covered with large, less frequent ones. The third - a high stem, and there are those where it is generally absent. But in any case, the blossoming leftism will not leave anyone indifferent.

Growth conditions

This tender beauty does not belong to loversbright sunlight, she prefers sites with penumbra. The soil must be acidified and well drained, reminiscent of the natural conditions of the rocks, where levies grow. Care and cultivation of leviesis are successful if timely introduction of soil fertilization in the form of a solution fermented manure.

Outdoor cultivation

Gardeners-collectors have long known that the mosta remarkable decoration of rockaria is levision. Growing and grooming in this case are quite simple, because on the alpine hill the plant can be provided with optimal conditions. The main thing is to use the eastern or south-western slope for planting.

levision cultivation and care

A well-acidified soil is suitable for levision, in which there is an admixture of humus, sand, peat and necessarily crushed stone. After all, good drainage is the main condition for normal growth.

Water falling on the lower leaves during watering orduring the rain, it should flow well and leave in the soil. That is why, protecting the lower parts of the plant from decay, the rosette of the flower is covered with pebbles, and thus the leaves do not touch the ground.

The main difficulty is thatconstantly maintain the necessary acidic soil environment, which requires levision. Planting and nursing in the future are greatly simplified if the plant is immediately planted in pots where the optimal substrate has already been selected and placed directly among the stones on the hill, providing a slight slope.

Breeding in pots

As already mentioned above, with this method of cultivation it is easier to create good conditions for the growth of leviesia. The main thing is to follow certain rules:

  • pots choose not very large size with a bottom in which there is a hole;
  • at the bottom set drainage. For it, claydite, gravel of large fraction, brick crumb or other small stones will do;
  • the rest of the pot is filled with a substrate that includes earth, sand and compost, taken in equal parts;
  • The pots are kept on the street throughout the summer, providing moderate soil moisture;
  • with the onset of cold weather they are brought into a bright and cool room, where they spend the whole winter.

leftism care and cultivation of leftism


How does leftism multiply?Planting and caring, cultivation of leviesia from seeds - all these are the stages of one process, as a result of which beautiful floral compositions appear, giving the garden uniqueness. That is why, those who are faced with the charm of this flower, try to reproduce the species they like. You can do this with seeds and offsprings (side rosettes).

Ripe seeds in autumn, you can immediately plant inopen ground, and you can do it in the spring, planted in early March for seedlings. Stratification helps good germination. To do this, seeds sown in a moist soil, covered with a film and cleaned for 30 days in the refrigerator. When the deadline expires, they are transferred to a warmer and lighter place. Dive seedlings on pots should be when the young plants grow two full leaves.

levision planting and care

Propagation of plants with side rosettesyou can regardless of the time of year. They should be carefully cut off with a sharp knife from an adult plant, without fear that leviesia will suffer. Planting and care of rosettes are as follows:

  • the cut on the mother plant is dried and disinfected with ash, preventing decay;
  • the rosettes are placed in a container and placed in a cold place with scattered light;
  • it is not recommended to get moisture on the leaves of young plants;
  • After the roots appear and become stronger, shoots can be planted in a flower garden.

If you show enough zeal and patience ingrowing such a sissy, the works will be rewarded with lush flowering, and leviesia, planting and care of which, in general, not complex, will become a worthy ornament of the flower garden.