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Enamel МЛ-12: technical characteristics, manufacturer, consumption

How often in the process of repair or renovationsurfaces there is a need to protect them. The modern market of building materials today presents a huge variety of options for solving these problems. The enamel ML-12 is one of them, it will be discussed below.

Description of enamel

ml 12 enamel

The above enamel is made bystate standards 9754-76. It is represented by a suspension of pigments in solutions of melamine-formaldehyde and alkyd resins, as well as organic solvents. This material is realized in a variety of colors, among them it should be noted:

  • ivory;
  • cream;
  • dark cream;
  • golden yellow;
  • sand;
  • light beige;
  • Orange;
  • brown;
  • dark beige;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • Dark red;
  • light blue;
  • bluish-gray;
  • light gray;
  • gray-blue;
  • green-blue;
  • light turquoise;
  • aquamarine;
  • bright green;
  • turquoise;
  • pistachio;
  • pale green;
  • color of the white night;
  • protective;
  • light-smoky;
  • the black;
  • Gray;
  • red.

If you prefer an enamel of a different color, then it can be made to order.

Main purpose

enamel ml 12 specifications

Enamel МЛ-12 is used for dyeingmetal surfaces that will be used inside and outside the house. Bases and products can be exposed to atmospheric precipitation. However, they must first be primed, and additionally it can be covered with putty.


enamel ml 12 specifications

Enamel МЛ-12 forms a film, which should behomogeneous, It should not contain unnecessary inclusions, pockmarks and wrinkles. However, shagreen is acceptable. The color of the film must be within the tolerance limits that are set by the samples. The rest correspond to the sample number.

Professionals quite often are interested in conditionalviscosity, it can vary from 70 to 120 s. As for the brilliance of the film, it is 58%. While for protective shades, this value varies from 35 to 45%.

The mass fraction of non-volatile substances varies from 44up to 60%. The final value depends on the color, as well as the degree of grinding. This parameter for the enamel ML-12 can be equal to the limit of 10 to 15 microns. The elasticity of the film with bending is 3 mm. The hiding power of the dried enamel layer, depending on the color, can vary from 35 to 100 g / m². But if you get the paint in the color of the white night, then for it the hiding power is 60 g / m². The strength of the film in the test using the Y-1 device is 45 cm.

Additional technical characteristics

enamel ml 12 manufacturer

Quite often, professionals pay attention tothe hardness of the film by a pendulum device. If the M-3 type is used, then the hardness is 0.5 so. Then, for a pendulum A of TML type, the hardness is 0.3. The adhesion of the coating is 1 point, but not more. You may also be interested in the conventional lightfastness of the mixture after drying, it is 4 hours or less.

Consumption and application features

enamel melamine ml 12

Enamel МЛ-12, technical characteristics of whichhave been mentioned above, can be used for applying to agricultural machinery and body trucks. Dilute the mixture with the following solvents:

  • solvent;
  • xylene;
  • solvents of grades 651 and RKB-1.

When preparing in the priming process,compositions GF-0119, GF-021. Application is carried out on the dried primer in 2 layers. Intermediate drying should be approximately 7 minutes, which is correct at an ambient temperature of 20 ° C. Use for application can be a paint sprayer. Apply usually 2 layers.

Consumers are often interested in consumptionenamel МЛ-12. For each square meter with a single-layer coating, you will spend approximately 80 g. Depending on the type of surface, this value can be increased to 100 g per square meter. The surface to be painted should be cleaned from rust, dirt, and dust during preparation. The substrate is degreased. If you work with the old coating, then the surface is additionally polished. After the primer is applied. Use for this can be one of the above mentioned compounds.

Features of application

enamel ml 12 consumption

Before use, enamel is necessarymix and dilute with solvent to 25% of the weight of the base material. Application is carried out in two layers. If you want to work with the old coating, then the number of layers should be increased to 2. The second layer should be kept for about 30 minutes at a surface temperature of 130 ° C.

The enamel consumption varies depending on thecomplexity of the product to be painted and the thickness of the formed layer. In order for melamine enamel ML-12 to be stored for a long time in a closed container, it must be stored, protected from sunlight and moisture, while keeping away from heat sources.

What else you need to know about enamel

The described enamel is suitable for application to different surfaces and products, it can be:

  • moto-;
  • auto-;
  • bicycles.

The coated surfaces can be operatedunder different conditions. After drying, a homogeneous film is formed on the substrate without delamination and foreign inclusions. The enamel ML-12, whose characteristics were mentioned above, is being realized in industrial containers, its volume starts from 18 kg.

Manufacturers of enamel

On the market, the enamel described in the article is proposeddifferent manufacturers. Among others, it is worth highlighting "Regionsnab". This company is located in Moscow and supplies enamel in containers of 50 kg. You can buy a kilogram of goods for 120 rubles. She suggests to find prices below, then the goods are delivered at a reduced cost.

Another manufacturer - "Khimprom-m" offersto buy an enamel for 135 rubles. per kilogram. This company positions its products as automotive paint. Specialists recommend using it for decorative and protective painting of metal surfaces. With the help of this composition, according to the company's representatives, it is possible to achieve minor damage repair of car coatings, elements of industrial and other equipment, as well as bicycles.

Another manufacturer of enamel ML-12 - "Chelyabinskpaint and varnish factory ». He supplies enamel, advising to carry out its hot drying. The working viscosity the manufacturer advises to regulate xylene. If necessary, the enamel can be filtered through a grid. In the cold season, the material is heated to a positive temperature before use.

You can buy the enamel of the brand in question.and in the Yaroslavl paint and varnish company. The supplier provides a warranty period for storage of the material for 12 to 24 months, which will depend on the volume of the container. The manufacturer emphasizes that the conventional viscosity for long-term storage can be increased. After the end of the warranty period, the enamel can be checked if it meets the requirements of the specifications, it can be used for the intended purpose and beyond.


ML-12 has many positive features.Among them, it is necessary to distinguish protective, strength and decorative properties. The material has proved itself on the conveyors of Russian car factories. It has a low wholesale value and a decent quality.

The application can be carried out by spraying,which shortens the period of work. If the surface treatment is carried out in an electric field, the compositions of RE-1B and RE-2B may be used as diluents. It is also noteworthy that enamel is offered for sale in a variety of colors. In addition, you can be assured of its quality for the reason that the paint is manufactured to state standards, and therefore meets all standards and requirements.