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Format-cutting machine with their own hands: blueprints

If you are wondering about which devicebetter than others suitable for the manufacture of cabinet furniture, then you should consider a format-cutting machine. With his own hands it is quite possible to fulfill.

format-cutting machine with own hands

Purpose of the machine

Such equipment is intended forlongitudinal and transverse cutting of materials, as well as for cutting products at a certain angle. With the help of this technique it is possible to perform shield blank and formatted trimming. With the help of format-cutting machines it is possible to produce high quality products. The role of this equipment is expressed in order to set certain parameters for the details of furniture for their subsequent processing.

Features of the saw unit

Welded construction of the described unitprovides good stability and no vibration. When the master cuts the facing slabs, the main problem is the formation of chips, where the tooth of the saw blade is moved out of bounds. In order to avoid this problem, in the design of the described equipment there is a saw unit of a format-cutting machine. With your own hands it can be done without problems, it will look like an integral system. In the factory analogs, this part is cast from cast iron.

vertical format saw with own hands

On the body are installed two electricmotor, which rotate the belt drive. The scoring disc is located closer to the workpiece, and its dimensions can reach 120 mm. In the associated direction, the rotation can reach 8000 rpm. The disk is necessary for cutting the facing, where the teeth of the main disk, which rotate in the opposite direction with respect to the workpieces, come out.

Such a design makes it possible to achieve a clean andequal cutting, which will not be spoiled by chips and scuffs. On some machines, the saw unit is installed with the help of rotary sectors, while it is rebuilt into a sawing at a certain angle. The ratio of the main and suspended saw blades is not violated. The saw unit is sometimes located on the frame, sometimes on the desktop.

Preparation for work

If you intend to perform a format-cutting machine with your own hands, you need to become more familiar with its design features. The main working unit is a cut block consisting of:

  • saw blades;
  • a socket for connection to a chip-cleaner;
  • electric motor.

format cutting machine

The master will need to prepare certainknots, in which not only the bed frame, but also the work table, clamps for workpiece, movable carriage and protective casings will perform. The main body is the frame, the rest of the elements are installed on it later. The workpiece will be a workpiece. To produce it, you need to prepare a flat surface that will be free of defects, because they can damage the laminated sheet. To fix the wooden canvas will need to be clamped.

The movable carriage is a carrieran element that is made of tubes of circular cross-section or an I-beam. If the format-cutting machine with its own hands is manufactured taking into account the above-described construction, it will become the simplest option, and it can be assembled from improvised materials. When choosing them, their ability to undergo mechanical stresses should be taken into account, because the machine's operation is accompanied by vibration. Sometimes saw blades are placed in different angles with respect to the workpiece. The main one is at the top, while the cutting one is at the bottom. This increases the quality of the cutting, but complicates the manufacturing process.

Recommendations for assembling the machine

As soon as you can select the components, you can begin assembling the machine. To do this, you need:

  • Ushm with a disc for metal;
  • measuring tool;
  • welding machine;
  • electric drill.

how to make a format-cutting machine with your own hands

When a format saw is usedwith their own hands, at the first stage it is necessary to make a stand, for which pipes of round or square cross-section are used. They need to be cut, taking into account the scheme, and reinforce the clamps between them. As soon as you can reconcile the dimensions and correctly position the elements, you can start to weld them. To increase the rigidity, it is necessary to arrange the profiles between the legs of the frame.

Methods of work

Starting manipulation of the movable carriage,It is necessary to install guides, which can be a pipe or a beam. The blanks are connected together. The carriage must have rollers for movement. As for the desktop, it should be as stable as possible. It can be made of two materials. Thus, the substrate is made of a 3 mm sheet, whereas the surface is made of chipboard, on which the measuring ruler should be strengthened.

format cutting machine silkin own hands

If you decide to perform a verticalformat-cutting machine with their own hands, then it will be necessary to produce also clamps for the sheets. They will be a lever mechanism, and the configuration can be any. An important condition is the large area of ​​the fixing components. In the role of an additional node, a component can act to change the height of the discs relative to the surface of the sheet. For this, a lifting mechanism is installed, the cutting unit is strengthened relative to the workpiece. The laboriousness of the work will be increased, you will have to purchase additional components or manufacture them yourself.

Description of the machine "Silkin"

You may be interested in format-cuttingmachine tool "Silkin". With your own hands, you can make such equipment using the technology described above. If we are talking about the mentioned model, then it is known to the consumer for 10 years already. According to the dimensions of the processing, or rather the length of the cut, on sale you can find 3 modifications:

  • 1830 mm;
  • 2800 mm;
  • 3660 mm.

saw unit of a form-cutting machine with own hands

By special order can be manufacturedEquipment, the length of the cut is 5000 mm. Before you make a format-cutting machine with your own hands, you must remember that factory models and variants made in your own garage will assume in the course of operation the need for repair. Usually it consists in replacing bearings. The described units, as practice shows, work without complaints for 5 years. But repair or change guides are not required at all, because the design chooses backlash when working.


To carry out the work on the production of the describedequipment must be prepared scoring disc, shafts borrowed from agricultural machinery, a set of tools for metal, as well as a welding machine. When a format-cutting machine is executed by one's own hands, the drawings are considered or prepared in advance. Having become acquainted with them, you will be able to understand that the design assumes the need for a strong frame, for which metal channels can be used.